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Perfect and stable fabric selvedge, with the Picanol e-Leno

Did you know that our e-Leno guarantees a perfect fabric selvedge, ensuring a regular and stable fabric fringe?

e-Leno is offered as a standard on our OmniPlus-i air-jet weaving machine and it is now also available as an optional feature on our OptiMax-i rapier weaving machine.

It is especially appreciated in situations where a strong selvedge is a must for the further processing of the fabric.


In the video below you can see our e-Leno, which has been built and designed to perform at the highest range of air-jet speeds. In fact, each e-Leno unit is independently driven and controlled.

Furthermore, the position of the e-Leno unit is very easy to set and the unit comes with fully integrated yarn detection. When a leno yarn breakage is detected, the machine will move the leno bobbins to the most ergonomic position for the weaver.

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