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On the occasion of the 50th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show, the special Awards were assigned in Paris in collaboration with UNESCO and with the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The 50th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show ended with a celebration of couturier art, which dedicated a gala evening in Paris to honour, with its Oriental Fashion Awards, the personalities who have distinguished themselves in this field. An event created in collaboration with UNESCO which hosted the ceremony in its headquarters and which had the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The “Silk Road and Al Andalus” Association, founded by Hind Joundar in 2004, has been organizing for 18 years a traveling event, one of a kind, the Oriental Fashion Show, dedicated to oriental artistic creations to make them known outside the national borders and, at the same time, to enhance the wealth and rich cultural heritage from which they come to life. There are countless countries that, year after year, have hosted the fashion shows of an event that has chosen the Ville Lumière to reward with its Awards those designers, stylists and couturiers together with their partners and supporters who have made all this possible.


Among the awarded designers, we find:
Hany El Behairy (Egypt), Adiba Al Mahboub (Kuwait), Hind Zeiden (Lebanon), Lalla Aicha Mouaastassim “Mautassin” (Morocco), Ecaterina Sergheevici “Morphine” (Moldova), Ika Butoni (Indonesia) Sabina Volskaya, Hanum Aidash ( Kazakhstan) Aziz Ruziyev and Irina Diosa (Uzbekitan), Omri Fashion by Elayan Omri (Nazareth), Maison Yacef (Algeria), Zineb Hazim (Italy), Addy Van Krommenacker (Netherlands), Maison Menouba (Algeria), Nabil Younes (France- Libya).

“Culture is a powerful lever to transcend the differences between communities and establish a true dialogue of civilizations; it is the element around which all societies are equal. It is the element around which all societies are equal. For this very reason it is the essential catalyst for building a world of peace and harmony” – Hind Joudar, founder of Oriental Fashion Show.


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