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Moooi Carpets
Moooi Carpets


When Marcel Wanders (Founder of Moooi in 2001) came across the technique of digital printing on carpet material, more than 10 years ago, he realised that it was so ground breaking that he felt it needed its own space to grow, without being absorbed by/in something else.

Moooi Carpets was launched by Moooi in 2015.

With the presentation of Moooi Carpets as a brand we could completely focus on this technique and creating a collection that matched all ideas and potential clients.


Of course flooring is also a very welcome subject if we look at how we present Moooi and it was a logical next step next to our Lighting and Furniture collection moving towards a full lifestyle collection. Moooi Carpets offers 3 product groups:

Signature area rugs, tile and broadloom, a customisable carpet collection within a online carpet configurator and the possibility to make Your Own Design Carpets.

Moooi Carpets
Moooi Carpets

The extra “O” in Moooi is to convey something extra in terms of beauty and uniqueness. The Moooi collection is always original, unexpected, eclectic, rebellious and sophisticated and is always on the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest. A well-curated mix of lighting, furniture and accessories that outlast everyday interiors, define personalities of spaces & deliver the extra touch of creativity and beauty that is always unexpected and yet so exquisitely welcome.

Moooi Carpets printing technique provides the opportunity to add a whole new range of visual power to the Moooi world and brings it to a next level. In its category Moooi Carpets uses the first printer which can create such an infinite palette of colours and fine lines on carpets on a four meters wide carpet canvas. Moooi cares about innovative processes like this and the passionate people behind this technology and therefore Moooi Carpets is a great match to the Moooi collection.

Moooi Carpets
Moooi Carpets

Firstly, our state of the art technology can print like no one else can, with an infinite palette of colours and an incredible depth to the patterns. It is this revolutionary technology that allows to be unique in terms of artwork.

For the build-up of the collection, we looked at all different possibilities. With the signatures we explore the boundaries of the technique with a wide variety of talented designers, all with their own specific signature. With the custom carpets configurator, we give people the option to adjust colours and sizes in order to create a carpet that matches any project or interior. A great tool to work with.

And then last but not least we give everybody the opportunity to design their own carpet with Your Own Design. With the help of the Moooi Carpets team the possibilities are almost endless. For architects but also for private clients.

This techniques brings to life a whole world of new ideas and inspiration which embrace any kind of space. It makes people of different ages, cultures and personalities fall in love with their homes or spaces. We have all sorts of customers: private clients, architects, designers. These carpets can be produced in a very wide range of shapes and sizes so Moooi Carpets are as suitable for homes as for hotels, shops, libraries, public buildings, yachts and so on.

Flooring plays a very important role in interior design and this technique enables anyone to create or use something unique
and original!

Moooi Art Direction is intrinsically drawn to beauty and always on the lookout for original ideas and talent. There are always great designers (established and new) who catch the spotlight. Some designers have this special Signature that is very appealing that make a beautiful collection of refined products of their own.

We are always very curious how creativity of those designers would be translated in a carpet design. And not all product designers can make a suitable design for a carpet…it is not as easy as you might think. The end result must be very close to the hearts of our designers and therefore a very good addition to our Moooi and Moooi Carpets collection.

All rugs combine an endless mix of colours thanks to the use of a ground breaking high definition Chromo jet printer and its accurate tones, which generate a playful illusion of depth. The collection counts on a broad variety of possibilities, being composed by three different families: Signatures, Custom and Your Own Design. Each family group offers a number of different solutions to meet the many demands of projects and individual taste.

Create Your Own Design rug, retouch a configurator rug with 648 different colours or buy your favourite Signature rug, tile or broadloom. Moooi Carpets has it all. It’s the reinvention of the carpet!

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