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Mango extends e-commerce adaptation to Middle East

Mango has extended the adaptation of its website to Bahrain, Lebanon and Oman. The extension is following the successful launch of e-commerce expansion in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Kuwait in January 2017. Since Mango’s arrival in 1996, the brand has continued to expand in the region, and now has more than 250 stores.

This e-commerce extension project consists not only of translation into the local language, but also the introduction of unique features taking into account the shopping habits of customers. An example of this is store credit, a new payment method which simplifies the returns procedures for customers who opt for the payment on delivery method, thus avoiding bank transfer procedures. It has also introduced improvements to the mobile app, resulting in over 70 per cent of users in these countries benefiting from the improved performance they offer.

The apparel brand also launched a new collection for Ramadan. With a design department exclusively dedicated to adapting the firm’s collections to the customs and tastes of specific countries, Mango has managed to become a leading brand for its customers, offering them fashionable garments adapted to the traditions of the country.


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