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Madrid is Fashion promotes “slow fashion” amid coronavirus crisis

Madrid is fashion (Madrid es Moda in Spanish), the annual fashion fair, kicked off here on Monday in a bid to revitalise the fashion industry and promote “slow fashion” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The organisers said on Monday the objective for this year’s event, that lasts from Sept. 7 to Sept. 13, is to promote Spanish “slow fashion” brands to help the fashion industry rapidly recover from the impact of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Slow fashion” refers to ethical brands “with a soul” that rely on local craftsmanship, innovation and commitment to tradition. “Madrid is fashion” will act as a communication platform for national firms that defend the concept and encourage it as the new fashion philosophy of the future.

The event, led by the Asociacion Creadores de Moda de Espana under the umbrella of the Madrid Capital de Moda municipal initiative, will also promote local consumption through face-to-face meetings between consumers and designers.

About Madrid es Moda

Madrid Capital de Moda was created as an initiative of the City of Madrid to bring together those events and activities related to the world of fashion, beauty, art, decoration, cuisine and lifestyle in general which are held in the capital and make Madrid one of the most active and dynamic cities; which is also a trendy reference in an international level. That’s why Madrid Capital de Moda is much more than a guide to everything that happens in Madrid related to fashion, beauty, art or decoration.

Madrid is undoubtedly one of the fashion capitals in the international scene, which welcomes many events throughout the year in which not only the most important designers from the fashion sector meet, but also creators and figures from the world of art and design, professionals from the world of gastronomy, etc.

Thus, Madrid Capital de Moda has as its primary objective to share the most significant proposals from both public and private entities to bring to the public all the news and activities that take place in the city within the world of fashion, design or gastronomy, among other areas, as engines of the economy, commerce and employment of our city.

Madrid Capital de Moda has the support of institutions and associations that combine their efforts through this initiative to make Madrid more and more fashionable.

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