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Loptex : A leader in Hygienic and Medical application

Interview with Renato Gerletti

Loptex Commercial Director & Partner Owner

By: Behnam Ghasemi – Kohan Textile Journal


About Loptex Company, history and success story.

Loptex, a leading company serving the textile industry for more than 25 years, offers state of the art technologies for the fibres quality improvement in cotton and in non-woven industries.

Its assembly facility is in Northern Italy, Como Area, close to the Swiss border. It includes R&D Department, Commercial and Administrative offices. Loptex sources from Italian, European and USA sub-suppliers.

Loptex stands out for its pioneering vision and innovative spirit. It successfully faces the challenges and the quality demands of the market through its know-how, flexibility, and practical approach to problems.

What is your range of products in loptex and which countries are your main export markets?

Loptex offers to the market the Sorter EXA systems for the comprehensive identification and elimination of contamination of carded fibres both in Spinning and in Nonwoven Industries. Loptex was the first company offering to the market a reliable and comprehensive solution to contamination problems of artificial, synthetic, and natural fibres.

The applications refer to the identification of contamination in a free fibre flow and their separation through an array of solenoid valves. The ideal position is in blow room lines, at the very beginning of the process before carding machines.

The system through “state-of-the art” embedded solutions couples Optical technologies with different source of light into the spectra of White, Ultraviolet and Red. The Acoustic technology is an added value for those applications where contamination from packaging material may create a serious issue. Loptex is present into the main textile areas of the world including US and Europe.

Lets talk about your latest innovations and technologies in spinning section and contamination detection systems.

In Spinning section Loptex offers a system with a comprehensive detection of the contamination which includes the detection of harmful light colour thin PP strings and white PP strings. In addition, the detection of immature cotton bunch of fibres and dead fibres are also assured. These contaminants may create serious problem on fabrics after dyeing process. Furthermore, they generate neps on downstream processes.

How do you evaluate Textile Machinery Manufacturing industry in Italy in general?

The Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industry in Italy is characterized by full commitment to innovation and flexibility. It always pays an important tribute to customer demand and satisfaction.

Loptex is a leader company in Hygiene and Medical production systems. Please explain more about Loptex solutions in Hygiene and Medical sector.

Loptex is a leader in Hygienic and Medical application. The quick response to the demand of the market for suitable and high-performance Sorter systems has been a success. Loptex could satisfied its customers with the right solutions to their quality issues at the beginning of the process. Yield and quality improvements at the downstream process are the main benefits.

Middle East (include Turkey) and Africa is an important destination for textile Machinery, how do you evaluate textile industry in this region? How many percent of your export come to this region?

Middle East and Africa represent important markets for Loptex. In Turkey Loptex sells Sorter systems for both Spinning and Nonwoven Industries. In Egypt, Loptex is present in leading Spinning Mills producing superfine yarns at high added value.

Today sustainability and green products is a must and unfortunately textile is one of the most polluted industries, how we can improve sustainability in textile industry? What is LOPTEX sustainability policy?

Loptex sustainability policy is to offer to the market systems with minimum impact to the Industrial environment and to the natural environment. It means lowest power consumption, lowest noisy, lowest pollution of consumable parts.

Loptex is part of ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machine Association.

Acimit, in collaboration with RINA, an international certifying body, invites all its associates to join the sustainability program which consists of delivering on yearly basis a Green Label Certification.

The Green Label is based on parameters, values, methods which certifies Loptex commitment to deliver systems with minimum impact on industrial and natural environment.

Loptex headquarter
Loptex headquarter

How do you evaluate textile industry and international markets in 2021 after Corona virus Pandemic?

The textile industry in 2021 led by international market inputs and despite corona virus issue, is gathering momentum with new intake orders. It is beneficial for textile machine manufacturers which can plan the production chain and get visibility for the near future.

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