Loptex: Recycling Art-work

Loptex proudly introduces in the market the new Sorter Easy Link EXA for the fibers recycling industry.
The target is the transformation of industrial pre-consumer waste and industrial post-consumer waste into sustainable and suitable raw material for further processing.

Easy Link EXA modular concept leads to tailor made solution on customer demand. The ideal position in a preparation process is after a shredding line or after an opening point.

Easy Link EXA, through arrays of multiple embedded color cameras and multiple LED illumination sources, selects clips and bunches of fibers.

Its versatility and compliance leads to the monitoring of different mixing and fibers color.

The EXA Data system, through an external dedicated PC, collects and files statistical and historical data from the Sorter units to provide the parameters for KPI generation. The remote assistance, via VPN connection to Loptex headquarter, provides predictive maintenance of components and helps to fill the competence gap between human experience and operator.

Loptex is a member of ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machine Association. ACIMIT in partnership with RINA, an international certification body, launched the Sustainable Technology program. It releases to its associates the Green Label certification, which certifies the energy and the environment performance of a given machine.

Loptex is Green Label certified since it produces systems at very low industrial and environment impact.


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