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Saurer to show textile machinery at ITMA Asia

KOSGEB Support for International KTM 2020

International KTM 2020 was granted KOSGEB support, which will be organized by ECR Exhibition on 24-26 September 2020 in Kahramanmaraş.

International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Exhibition, which has brought together the key representatives of the textile industry since 2014, will bring the key actors of textiles in a common platform in KAFUM this year as achieved in the past.

It opens its doors for the 6th time


International KTM 2020, which will open its doors for the 6th time this year, in cooperation with Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality; It will be held under the main sponsorship of ITHIB and the support of KOSGEB. KOSGEB will reimburse in excess of 50 per cent of the total amount for the manufacturers who operate in Turkey and granted for up to 50 square meter space area.

It will Form a Bridge

KTM 2020, in the city of Kahramanmaraş, bringing together important textile technology manufacturers at the heart of the textile industry that will serve as a bridge in terms of its geopolitical and strategic position.

Within the account of geographical position, 35 percent of Turkey’s total production of cotton and 21 per cent of the total production of knit dominated by the city. In addition, it receives attention with its 10 percent share in weaving production.

Latest Technologies Will Be Exhibited

Within the scope of International KTM 2020, yarn, knitting, weaving, technical textile, dye-printing, textile finishing, machine accessories and spare parts manufacturers and their representatives will have the opportunity to show their innovations to the sector representatives.

As every year, KTM 2020, which will witness special machine shows this year, will offer solutions to the sector representatives with its extensive product/service launch options as well as with the advantage of B2B (Business To Business) negotiation.

Introduced 9 thousand 698 Visitors from 16 Countries with New Technologies

The visitor statistics of the fair, which lasted a total of 3 days last year, once again strengthening the importance of KTM accumulated of over the years, and hosted a total of 9,698 visitors from 16 countries. While evaluating the sectoral participation from the visitors, the yarn sector is leading others with 40 percent and other disciplines are sharing respective proportion such as Dyeing, Printing and Finishing with 20%, Weaving with 18%, Knitting with 17%, and Technical Textile with 4%.

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