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Denim Technologies at KTM 2020

Pro-SMH, which has attracted great interest especially with its technologies in denim field, will introduce innovations that will make a difference in the sector with its domestic production slasher machine at KTM 2020.

Pro-SMH, which attracted great attention in the sector with its domestic slasher machine and became the market leader in a short time, reserved its seat at the International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair KTM 2020. Pro-SMH, which is preparing to present innovative developments as well as technologies that have recently shown great interest by denim manufacturers, will break grounds in Kahramanmaraş, which is the new centre of denim production.

Pro-SMH, which is widely used in dyeing indigo dyed warp yarns for denim fabrics, stands out with the production of slasher, sizing and serial warp machines; Lastly, it attracted great attention from the denim industry with its slasher indigo machine, which was designed with a working width of 2 meters.

As a result of long years of R & D studies in weaving preparation and its’ processes; Cüneyt İşman, one of the Founding Partners of Pro-SMH, noted that they presented machines that bring in with the composure of quality, efficiency and speed for the sector, and further gave information about the slasher and rope dyeing innovations they are going to exhibit at the International KTM 2020 Fair.

“Superior Technology and Excellent Workmanship”

Stating that each machine they produce with the use of special materials has world-class quality, Cüneyt İşman said that they produce machines that are unique and original not a copy of any machine and can last for years. “We attached great importance to R & D studies in the production stages of our machines.” Said İşman and continued his speech as follows; “We have come a long way especially in software and metallurgy.


All the materials used were selected according to their area of use and their functionality in the machine. All of the iron and stainless metal accessories have long-lasting combined works. Since the machines we manufacture are combined with superior technology and perfect workmanship, we give our customers a quality guarantee for many years.

Experience Advantage in the Sector

Noting about manufacturing with their years of experience in weaving pretreatment machines especially for the denim industry, İşman said, “We have been in this business for about 25 years, we have been producing machines that serve companies around the world for many years, and we started machine construction as the people from the sector. These machines are not very easy to manufacture.

We have an important experience stemming from the successful background of the executive team in the industry. The work we carried out in approximately 24 countries in the field of service, spare parts and upgrade modifications enabled us to gain the trust of our customers. Today, we have become one of the most preferred brands in the sector with our experience in machinery, technology and in the market.


Developments in Denim Sector Will Be Showcased

Kahramanmaraş, which manufactures worldwide in the field of denim and incorporates the leading textile manufacturers of the sector, will also host the launch of innovations in this field with the realization of KTM 2020 Fair. Pro-SMH, which managed to attract intense interest with the prior editions from the textile manufacturers at the International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair, is preparing to demonstrate the machinery and innovations that is expected to make a difference in the sector at KTM 2020.

Talking about the advantages offered by the slasher machine to the sector, İşman said, “Since our machine is equipped with an automatic calibration system, it can re-work without the need for calibration after the stages of grinding and coating. It ensures its completion in a short time. We minimize the possible losses related to productivity thanks to a system that removes the waste inside when the machine we call Flying change stops. ”

Stating that they will display their latest work on rope dyeing in addition to the slasher indigo machine at KTM 2020, İşman said, “We will exhibit new machinery range related to weaving pre-process at the fair.”


Adding that they will offer new developments in dyeing technology, Isman said, “There are very noticeable novel progresses in dyeing technology, I can say with confidence that we are coming with innovations that will make a change in the denim market. One of them is our ultrasonic work. I would like to state that we have come to the end of our ultrasonic studies. Our first machine was already commissioned. I can say with a pleasure that we created a revolution in denim and fabric finishing where we saw the results. We created a revolution in the world.’’

“The Center of Denim Kahramanmaraş”

“Kahramanmaraş has an important potential in weaving, yarn production and dyed woven. In recent years, Turkey has been the center of denim. We are planning to bring a new breath to Kahramanmaraş denim sector with the innovations we offer in the denim preparation phase. We believe that we will attract great attention with these machines at the fair.”

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