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Interview with Internet Tekstil

Interview with Internet Tekstil

Could you please let us know more about your company and products, goals and success story?

Internet Tekstil is a vertically integrated company from spinning to garment production. Company established in 1994 as a small sewing facility. In 1996, company started exporting garments to EU buyers. In 2003, knitting and dyeing plants been established and in 2010, spinning mill been established.



What do you think about Middle East and Africa textile market and it’s potentials?

China’s increasing purchase on textile products will lighten the path for Africa and Middle East to be players in textile industry. In a short-medium period, China’s production for itself will not meet the demand and countries around may produce garments for China rather than Europe. In addition, Europe and US will search for new suppliers and I guess from now EU and US are searching new producers or preparing base.


Do you have export? Which countries in Middle East and Africa are your main destination?

We are %100 export company. However, we did not export to Middle East or Africa before.


How do you evaluate textile and garment industry in Turkey? What kind of government aids can boost this sector?

Textile and Garment industry in Turkey is quite important in terms of employing people. However, for last one year, high increase in electricity is prevent us to compete with international players. Government should prepare incentives especially for textile industry such as low interests for bank loans and long terms loans, incentive on electricity and gas.


How big is the market for textile and clothing industry in Middle East and Africa?

There are very big markets in Middle East such as Egypt, Israel, Iran and as I mentioned above, US and EU is entering in Africa in order to prepare base of new suppliers, Africa will increase its buying capacity in textile raw materials.


What are the major barriers in the textile and garment trade in the region?

Major barriers in textile and garment trade in Middle East countries are, price. Countries like Bangladesh, India, China have lower labour and production costs compared with Turkey and this makes Turkish exporters chance lower to enter Middle Eastern countries.



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