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Industrial Sustainability at Fashion and Textile Sectors

Industrial Sustainability at Fashion and Textile Sectors; address a good message to your abroad clients.

The free online webinar proposal shows techniques to address a positive message to your clients and is to give indications of strategies on how the leadership should implement the organization culture that values actions of creativity, motivation and innovation of the workforce. And highlighting the company in the face of competition in its supply chain service, aligned with industrial sustainability.

We are contributing by sharing this knowledge with countries like:


– Bangladesh
– Ethiopia
– Ecuador
– Peru
– Brazil
– Turkey

We PracticalTex invite you and your Textile and Fashion Associates to participate in the free online 1-hour workshop. The Industrial Sustainability – Create a good message to your abroad Customers around the World.


Please enroll at the free workshop and choose the best day of the week and hour to deliver to you the Industrial Sustainability concepts at the fashion industry


Textile Eng. MSc. Eduardo F.Blatt – MBA
PracticalTex – Online Training and Consulting Industrial Sustainability for the textile and fashion industry.
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