Indian Textile Chemical Manufacturers Discovering Turkish Markets
Indian Textile Chemical Manufacturers Discovering Turkish Markets

Indian Textile Chemical Manufacturers Discovering Turkish Markets at Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia

Interview with Mr Vijayanka Brighuvanshi, sales and marketing director – Exhibitions and trade services India private limited

First of all let us know more about ETSIPL company and your services to the textile sector.

Exhibitions & Trade Services India Private Limited (ETSIPL) with headquarters in Navi Mumbai, India and branch office in New Delhi, India is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Exhibition Organizing and Promoting Company with more than 12 years of experience in the field of trade exhibitions and fairs across the globe. At ETSIPL, we have experience of dealing in 150+ International Trade Fairs taking place in 35+ countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

ETSIPL is a one-stop solution for all your event related requirements. Through its global network, ETSIPL has a presence worldwide with local partners situated in most of the continents and major countries. We are professionally committed to deliver the best trade services in the industry. Our goal through our exhibitions and events is to provide opportunities to explore the potential of various global markets.

We organise our own international exhibitions and are also responsible for the India pavilion in many international textile and other segment events.

For Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia Turkey we started our marketing and sales in January and I’m happy to tell you that this is the biggest Indian participation in the expo, we have 40 participating exhibitors occupying an approximate area of 600 SQM. 



Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia 2022
Shree Pushkar booth at Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia 2022

Indian textile auxiliaries and textile chemicals manufacturers developed their technology and range of products very well in the past decade, how do you evaluate the reasons?

Before 2010 there was not much Indian participation in international exhibitions, but since 2015 many Indian manufacturers start to go abroad and participate in international events as exhibitors or visitors and follow the latest technologies and market demands and little by little Textile chemicals companies learn how to market their products and how to make an international sales network for their goods, it was a big step that implements with government support.

India as a powerful and famous textile-producing country has strong infrastructures and an active domestic market, cheap labour and vast raw materials, so manufacturing with high quality and suitable prices is possible in the country.

During the pandemic, many Indian companies lose their markets and customers and many of them face serious problems. That’s why there is a high demand for participating in international events in post pandemic era to catch new markets and create new networks. You can find Indian manufacturers in all exhibitions with at least 20,30 booths.

Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia 2022 after 4 years organized for the first time after the pandemic (last Edition was organized in 2018) and everybody was curious about it and interested in participating to meet potential and new customers.

This year in Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia we had many companies that come to the Turkey market for the first time and they are satisfied with entering this huge potential market.

We are so happy with Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia organization and organizer team, there are many visitors and local and international buyers and most of the Indian exhibitors receive great responses and book their stalls for the next edition from now.

I think the general view of all exhibitors and visitors also is positive about Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia 2022.

How do Indian government exhibition subsidies help Indian companies to participate in more exhibitions and find new markets?

The Indian Government provides export opportunities to boost Indian Exports in the global markets. Among them, subsidy in various international trade fairs is one of the options which is provided to Indian Exporters and Manufactures.

The subsidy support is given to medium and small medium companies to participate in the various global shows so that they can explore their traditional and new markets. The government encourages the exporters to look for more new markets apart from their existing markets to spread their outreach globally.

Alfa Kimya booth at Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia 2022
Alfa Kimya booth at Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia 2022

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