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Hydroentanglement Technology

Hydroentanglement Technology Cooperation with SICAM

Dilo Group is a leading supplier of complete lines for nonwoven fabric production, traditionally specialized in all types of needling lines for staple fibre products as well as high-speed needle looms for spun bonds.

Another strong pillar of our sales program over decades has been fibre preparation and high-speed web-forming equipment for other nonwoven technologies.

During these years, there has been a shift to higher throughput rates, and a requirement for improved MD/CD strength ratios of hydroentangled products. In addition, our further development of the high-speed layering principle “Hyperlayer” made considerable progress for better CD.

Particularly, carding machines in a working width above 3.5 m up to 5.1 m have been supplied by DiloSpinnbau as complete high-speed carding systems to directly feed the hydroentangling units of various suppliers. Together with DiloTemafa not only have high throughput rates been achieved in the fibre preparation section of the line but also dedusting filtering and air- conditioning systems have been successfully engineered and integrated.

Until recently, Dilo did not supply complete lines including water-jet units, ovens and end-of-line equipment. This has changed and Dilo is glad to confirm our partnership with Sicam, Italy. Together with Sicam, we have combined know-how for hydroentangling technology and therefore can provide complete lines as a general contractor including equipment for cutting, winding and packaging.

On the basis of our considerable fibre preparation and web-forming know-how, we are looking forward to successful cooperation with Sicam covering the market with our related activities.

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