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100% cotton

100% cotton from Gap by 2025

100% cotton :: Following Benetton’s recent pledge to use 100 per cent sustainable cotton by 2025, Gap Inc. too has in its statement committed to use 100 per cent cotton from ‘more sustainable sources’ by 2025.

The company already has worked out plans to make this happen. Gap Inc. has said in its statement that one of its most renowned brands, Gap, will source 100 per cent sustainable cotton by 2021 and its other major brand Old Navy intends to achieve this by 2022. And, finally Banana Republic intends to source 100 per cent eco-friendly cotton by the year 2023.


In an effort to promote and use sustainable cotton, Gap has entered into a sourcing alliance with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Besides, the group is also committed to  using organic or recycled 100% cotton.

The Group also said that in its bid to promote eco-friendly cotton-growing practices, Gap aims to source sustainably farmed and sourced cotton from farmers who use water more efficiently.

In May, Gap Inc. had said that its brands, including Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, are coming out with denim that is 5 per cent post-consumer mechanically recycled cotton content.

Expressing pride, Keith White, Executive Vice President of Global Sustainability, said “Sourcing cotton in a way that minimises water use and damage to the environment is about creating a healthy environment for our children and future generations.”

Notably, in the recently released BCI rankings of top companies who source sustainable cotton, Gap stands at an impressive 4th position.

The brand seems to be certainly on the right direction.

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