Exclusive exhibition of Iranian products to be held in Sulaymaniyah

TEHRAN- An exclusive exhibition of Iranian products is planned to be held in Sulaymaniyah of Iraqi Kurdistan in late May.

Iran had also held an exclusive exhibition of Iranian products in Sulaymaniyah in late January 2020.

Having over 500 kilometres of shared borders, Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan can use this capacity to expand their trade relations, Iran’s Commercial Attaché in Iraq Naser Behzad said on the sidelines of the exhibit.

He described Sulaymaniyah as the gateway to Iraqi Kurdistan and said: “Due to the stability and security of this region, it is possible to transport goods from this centre to other neighbouring provinces such as Erbil, Halabja, Diyala and Kirkuk and even other areas of Iraq.”

“Having two official border crossings of Bashmaq and Parvizkhan and the great interest in Iranian goods in the region would be a reliable capacity for developing the two countries’ trade relations,” he stated.

Pointing out the fact that currently half of the goods available in the Sulaymaniyah market are Iranian products, the official said: “Food products, carpet, plastic products, machinery, building materials, agricultural and technical services especially in the fields of transportation, construction and urban development are important priorities for contribution of Iranian companies in this market.”

More than 150 Iranian companies participated in the exclusive exhibition of Iranian products in Sulaymaniyah to showcase their latest products and services in this market.

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