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EuroJersey to launch Back to Iconics at Milano Unica

At Milano Unica, an international textile fair, to be held from September 8-9, 2020 with Back to Iconics, EuroJersey, an Italian-made warp knit fabrics producer, will take on a sentimental journey into the past, with the attention firmly focused on the future in its commitment to promote timeless traditions and values through Sensitive Fabrics.

According to the Eurojersey’s press release, a newfound sense of permanence that underlines research into classical icons, timeless objects with the power to remain fixed in the memory. So EuroJersey, which patented the first product of the Sensitive Fabrics‘ range in 1989, has launched Back to Iconics to underline the declaration of its identity, exclusiveness and uniqueness.

The visual narration of the story continues in the form of an assertive graphic design, bold colours and metaphysical geometric patterns, released on the new stand of Milano Unica and reflected in the proposals of the AW 2021-22 ready-to-wear collection.


Fabrics are played out between iconic designs and contemporary reproductions of classics, comprising contrasting dogtooth-effect prints and to a more exuberant rhythm, chevron motifs, refined tweeds and tartan prints imbued with an intentionally British flavour.

All about Milano Unica

Conceived, organized and driven by entrepreneurs, Milano Unica offers international visibility to the world of textiles in a highly qualified context, in line with the quality of its products.

Tailor-made to suit customer needs, selective and focused on details, Milano Unica wants to be home. Home to all the professionals of the fashion world, who feel that they belong to a highly professional environment, showcasing Italian style both in hospitality and taste.

The ideal place in which to offer the best products in the world’s top-end fashion market. The decision to bring forward the September appointment to July responds to the changes of the world of fashion, transforming the exhibition in the most future-oriented event dedicated to textiles.

It was first organized in 2005, resulting from the merger of five separate trade shows which contributed to the international success of Made-in- Italy and Made-in- Europe textiles: Ideabiella, Ideacomo, Moda In, Shirt Avenue and Pratotrade. In the single context provided by Milano Unica, Ideabiella, Moda In and Shirt Avenue maintain their own identity, playing a central role in representing the textile excellence to the world.


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