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Ecem Etiket Success Story ; Customer Satisfaction Is Above All

Interview with Dareen Hamwi – Ecem Eticket / Export Sales Manager

By: Kohan Textile Journal

“Ecem Etiket” a leading label producer that was established by Mr. Abdullah Cebeciler in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991.  29 years of experience draw the company’s successful fruitful path.

1. Please let us know more details about Ecem Etiket company, history and success story.
Ecem Etiket has created a distinguished signature in label manufacturing in terms of quality and innovative designs.


Our Success story has started when we chose to put customer satisfaction above all.
For that we began working with our experienced devoted team in order to create quality products. Our team played a great role in creating marketing and sales strategies to build a base of loyal customers in local and global markets. With our valuable customers, we continue working until today.

In 2011, our company chose to establish Ecem Fabric and since then it started producing, selling, and exporting Woven Fabrics. Today Ecem exports of produced fabrics cover Asia, Europe, America, Canada and the Middle East.

At Ecem factory we have constantly upgraded our machinery and expanded our services by utilising up-to-date technology especially to produce all sorts of labels and clips accessories.

Because we do care, all our products are compliable with ISO 9001:2015, OEKOTEX 100 quality standards, GOTS and OCS. The textiles are tested and certified according to international flammability standards.


2. Which kind of Products you are creating in Ecem Etiket? tell us about the latest products and innovations

Ecem’s Fabric mainly produces Woven fabrics such as Denim, Tencel, Gabardine- twill (with or without lycra), Velvet, Linen, Satin, Canvas and Poplin.

Our fabrics are high-quality fabrics used in clothes production. We serve our local and global customers. We export our fabrics mainly to Russia, Germany, Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Lebanon and many other countries.

viscose printed fabric
viscose printed fabric


While Ecem Etiket’s label production includes the follows:

1. Woven labels: These labels are the best tool to attract your target customers, to show the quality of your brand by choosing high-quality prestigious label to assure durability, minding the wide range of patterns and color options while we assure utilising the latest high-speed machines to meet the taste and the needs of our valuable customers.

We choose the best production methods for each order, taking into consideration the type of label required, its usage, and any customers requests.

2. Leather labels: Our leather selection, a major part of our integrated production lines, Leather patches for denim or jeans are produced in a wide variety of materials and models.

3. Printed labels: Ecem Etiket’s printing operation is among the most competitive in the sector, setting the best production printing type for every job to achieve the fastest production at the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality.

4. Plastic labels: As per customers feedback and constant product testing over the years has revealed an outstanding level of success in our plastics department. Our plastic section is one of the main competitive advantages we have compared to our competitors.
5. Fabric label.

Our customers have the chance to benefit from the best quality labels at the cheapest prices.
İn addition to this they get the chance to work with our designers in order to create the most catchy and appealing designs.

Recently in the label manufacture World the labels and clips production itself has been the captivating innovation since it adds value to the brand and the companies are using this accessory using various styles, designs, colours to show that the company has invested to create product identity.

Our company’s monthly label production figures are as follows:

  • Woven Label: 10 Million pieces.
  • Cardboard label: 12 Million pieces.
  • Clip: 75 Million pieces.
  • Locked rope: 15 Million pieces
  • Leather-Jacquard: 1.5 Million pieces
  • Belt hanger: 500 Thousand pieces

At Ecem Etiket we maintain quality principles, reliability and stability, and offers high-quality products and services. Our aim is to provide continuous improvement and assure customer satisfaction.

 Our quality management system complies with all legal requirements as well as fulfilling our customer’s needs and demands.
 From design and manufacture to packaging and delivery to our customers, the whole process is under close and continuous supervision.
 We seek to continuously improve all technical and procedural processes that affect the success of our company and the quality of our products.
 We emphasise the training of employees and foster a team spirit which we consider an added value for us in terms of productivity and customer assistance.
 We aim to maintain the respect and affection of our customer base by carrying out our operations with sensitivity to environmental issues and consciousness of society’s diverse and changing needs and attitudes.

At Ecem Etiket, we assess our strategies to recognize our new strengths and eliminate potential weaknesses. This strategy has been a crucial factor in our continuous development.

From left: Mr Yakub baytürk / Mr Abdullah Cebeciler (owner)

3. Why a good quality label is necessary for textile and apparel brands?

A label is a product or the brand’s identity card. As our slogan says ” A good brand needs a good label”.

A high-quality label helps the brand owner to spread its brand name and brand origin. Over and above the label creates the first impression in which the colors and every little detail shows your brand identity, your company name, logo, and company colors.

A label gives a serious impression of the company and its presence in the market. People get to recognise your brand. İf the label was a well-designed one its will value up the brand

Labels show how much a company is welling to invest in its product or brand.

Based on the experience we have and since produced the labels of some quality brands such as:

  • Pierre Cardin
  • Cacharel
  • Lufian
  • Tudors
  • Aker
  • Galatasaray
  • Hatemoğlu
  • Home sweet home
  • Crispino
  • Kervan
  • Sateen
  • Reiss

When working with such names you get the chance to see how these brands invest in label quality, and the main reason is to capture the attention of the buyers by creating prestigious high-status labels that stick in the memory of the client.

4. How do you evaluate textile accessories sector in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the top-ranked global textile, textile accessories, clothing, yarns, and garments producers and exporters.

With rapid growth over the last decade, the textile industry has become one important pillar of the economy for the textile accessories sector as been growing too. Low-cost labour and the Turkish lira value against dollar played a major role in growing the business production and exports.

The geographic location and Turkey being in the heart of Europe and the Middle East, in addition of material supply availability are the competitive advantages of the clothing industry in Turkey. For this, the textile accessory sector has been growing.

Client from around the World visit Turkey and benefits from the prices that it offers. For these customers purchase good quality items and accessories at a low price. As for the exports the geographic location of Turkey attracted clients and encouraged them since this may save time and lower the cost.

Prospects seek low-cost sourcing countries that offer quality textile and garments exports and assures on-time delivery. This challenging equation related solution is well solved when choosing Turkey as a sourcing Market.


5. As a textile producer in Turkey, how do you evaluate the textile and fashion industry in the Middle East and Africa and its potentials for Future. Do you have export to this region?

As i mentioned Middle Eastern markets and African ones are two of the main importers from Turkey and Ecem Etiket.

The instability of the Middle Eastern countries and the absence of the industrial competitive advantages there forced retail buyers to find an alternative source for their needed goods.

As for Africa the absence of the diversified factories and the variety in the textile sector, the instability of some areas, at the same time the Quality-price added value advantage are the main reasons why customers prefer to pick Turkey as main alternative market.

6. COVID 19 shows us we should rely more on sustainability and green products, how we can improve sustainability in fashion design and fashion industry? Do you have any plan in Ecem Etiket company?

COVİD 19 tremendously affected the industrial sector. We pray God for this nightmare to stop in order not to lose anyone especially our beloved ones.

Mentioning the COVİD 19 we need to highlight that during the lockdown period people were urged to benefit from using the digital platforms which were really helpful and efficient.

Based on the textile sector nature and the industry requirements for trading goods across countries. We need to mention that the COVID 19 impact on Turkey was less than the impact on China for example and that was an advantage for fabric production and trading in Turkey.


The COVID 19 outbreak led to a production stop in China for that retailers or importers found a parallel market from other sourcing countries to diversify their supply chain risk.

Worth mentioning, lockdowns around the world have thrown a spotlight on those parallel markets and its efficiency as a matter of quality- delivery time.

Long before the pandemic, and driven by our responsibility towards the environment and seeking environment-friendly lifestyles. Concerns increased regarding sustainability, waste disposal, consumption and production patterns, the environmental impact of textiles processing.

Motivated by this our fabric processing steps and production activities carried, we use organic material for Dyeing/Coloration, Printing, Pre-treatment (scouring, sizing, de-sizing, bleaching), Washing, Finishing, Trading, and Warehousing.

As for our label production, we have a production line in which we use eco-friendly, recyclable materials and especially for the labels used for baby clothes in addition to special orders made by our customers.

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