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Antron nylon publishes sustainability, well-being report

Kennesaw, Ga.—Invista, makers of Antron nylon 6,6 commercial carpet fiber, released its sustainability and well-being report titled “The Antron Brand on Sustainability.” The report, available in digital and video format, reinforces the brand’s sustainability vision and includes testimonials from interior designers, flooring professionals and end-users detailing their experience with the Antron brand and sustainability.

The premise for this vision, according to the company, is a carpet that lasts longer can drive meaningful sustainability, enhance human well-being and support long-term value.

Long-run sustainability

Antron fibres offer permanent built-in performance, so carpets can work harder, clean up beautifully and resist crushing, matting, staining and soil. This longevity drives real sustainability and supports long-term value.

The total cost of ownership of carpets made with Antron can be 250% less over the life of the carpet, the company said, and can last up to 75% longer than a majority of competitive carpets. This product longevity supports long-term value and cost savings captured from not having to replace carpet prematurely. “Over the years, most of us have experienced the trend toward short-lived disposable products, and this trend is counter to real sustainability,” said Anthony Green, vice president of global commercial solutions for Invista. “We believe carpets should be durable, not disposable. Antron fibers are designed consistent with the belief that the longer our product lasts, the more sustainable it is.”

Sustainability supports well-being
The brand’s approach to sustainability and innovation is centered on supporting human well-being. “We seek to enhance human well-being and reduce environmental impact through unbeatable product performance including cleanability, durability and longevity that far surpass competitive fibers,” Green said. “That’s sustainability for the long run, and we’re focused on putting people first with products that last.”

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