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Antron brand celebrates 60 years in 2020

Kennesaw—Invista celebrates the 60-year heritage of the Antron brand, known today for high-performance premium nylon type 6,6 commercial carpet fiber.

The Antron brand was introduced in 1960 and was first used in luxury apparel because of its luster and excellent coloration. A few years after that, it was launched as a carpet fiber, giving interior designers and facility managers a premium carpet fiber that offered key performance benefits that help carpet look newer longer, including easy cleanability and appearance retention.

Advertisements archived at the Hagley Museum & Library in Delaware dating back to the late 1960’s show how the original brand promise was to deliver outstanding performance and durability. Today, real-world floor tests show that carpets of Antron nylon last up to 75% longer than the majority of competitive nylon carpets.


“Even though our brand reputation as a high-performance carpet fiber has not waivered over the years, we continue to hold ourselves to an even higher standard, one that puts people first with products that last,” said Denise Silbert, global brand leader for the Antron brand at INVISTA. “Our technical teams are dedicated to ensuring carpets of Antron continue to outperform the competition in soiling, staining and appearance retention in order to contribute to a cleaner indoor environment for facility occupants.”

photo: antron.net / Antron.® Long-Run Sustainability

Last year, the commitment to fiber innovation was showcased with the launch of Antron Lumena DNA fiber, the first solution dyed nylon (SDN) fiber system with permanent built-in protection that’s designed for a more effective and efficient clean.

“We recognize the importance of differentiation in the commercial market, and we continue to make substantial ongoing polymer and fiber technology investments,” said Silbert. “We are committed to the commercial interiors market as we work to understand what is most important to architects, interior designers and facility managers, to enable us to deliver the best fiber solutions available that meets their needs.”

photo: antron.net / Antron® fiber can make a longer, and more affordable, impression

INVISTA continues to make investments in production processes in support of the brand portfolio. “From 2008 to 2022, we will have invested more than $2 billion in our global ADN technology to serve the needs of our customers,” said Silbert. “Improvements have been made to our Camden polymer operations which support short- and long-term market needs, as well as additional small lot SDN capabilities enabling greater flexibility in servicing our customers.”


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