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Americans and Africans flocked into CNR Mobilya

CNR Mobilya appeared on the stage with the enormous interest of Americans and Africans.

International visitors constituted 60 percent of the total visitor number on the first day of the exhibition, lasting until 18:00 on Sunday, August 8.

CNR Mobilya boosted the morale of the domestic exhibitors, intending to enhance their trading activities via the exhibition. Particularly Americans and Africans flocked into the exhibition and attracted broad attention.


The world’s biggest furniture only and Turkey’s only international furniture exhibition, CNR Mobilya – 17th International Istanbul Furniture Fair, opened its doors to exhibitors and visitors. Drawing great interest as the first exhibition organized in the post-pandemic era, the exhibition was flocked particularly by Americans and Africans. International buyers constituted 60 percent of the total visitor number on the first day of the exhibition.

CNR Mobilya, ranked among the world’s top exhibitions dedicated to furniture on figures, welcomes more than 1.600 domestic and international brands from 135 countries and over 150 thousand buyers. The exhibition captures attention with the buyer delegations from America and Israel this year. One of the world’s major furniture manufacturers, China, has undermined its image and trust during the pandemic era, which has resulted in many countries, such as the USA and Israel, preferring Turkey for their trade activities.

The USA, performing annual furniture import of 60 billion dollars and naming Turkey as the new trade base, will conclude new and long-lasting trade agreements at CNR Mobilya. Gathering professionals of the furniture industry, the exhibition will welcome top furniture buyers including from China, the USA, Germany, Italy, India, Poland, the UK, Japan, France, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico, and South Africa once again in 2021.

CNR Mobilya, hosted the most comprehensive buyer delegation organization in Turkey through “Hosted Buyer” programmes by CNR Holding. International company representatives with high purchasing power will participate in “B2B Matchmaking Programme for Buyer Delegations”.

CNR Mobilya upgraded the industry to the next level

The unique meeting point of the global furniture industry, CNR Mobilya, broke another ground with the record number of visitors. Africa, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, the USA, Israel, the UK, Qatar, Tunisia, Somalia, and Ethiopia showed great interest in the exhibition, which enabled the exhibiting companies to grasp new market opportunities in the global arena.

The only international furniture exhibition organized during the pandemic era in 2021, CNR Mobilya – 17th International Istanbul Furniture Fair once again fulfilled the expectations of exhibitors and visitors. A record number of visitors flocked to the exhibition, greeting industry professionals from all over the world. Welcoming visitors at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center for 6 days, the exhibition rendered trading of over 2 billion dollars.

A flock of visitors from Iraq and Africa

Organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Istanbul Trade Fairs, CNR Mobilya welcomed over 500 companies and thousands of buyers from 135 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, North Africa, Africa, America, Italy, and Russia. Visitors from Qatar, Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, the CIS countries, Germany, Israel, and the USA flocked to the exhibition, grabbing the attention of industry professionals, particularly from Iraq and Africa.

Presentation of innovative products at the special sections

The world’s top-notch companies displayed their exceptional products at the exhibition, drawing enormous attention with the first editions of Lighting Special Section and Upholstery Special Section. Bringing trade activities into prominence, the special sections presented industry-related innovative solutions to domestic and international visitors.

18th International Istanbul Furniture Fair

18th International Istanbul Furniture Fair, blending brand new designs and unique concepts between June 28-July 3, 2022. The world’s biggest furniture only and Turkey’s only international and unrivaled furniture exhibition in terms of the number of exhibitors & visitors and trade rate, CNR Mobilya, will create an ideal trade platform that industry leaders prefer to reach their target markets and contact professional buyers.

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