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10 interesting textile Guinness record
10 interesting textile Guinness record

10 interesting textile Guinness record

1. Largest hand-woven Carpet

Abu Dhabi biggest carpet in the world - middle east textile journal-min
Abu Dhabi biggest carpet in the world


What: 5630 SQUARE METRE(S)



When: The largest hand-woven carpet measures 5,630 m² (60,600.81 ft²) and was manufactured by the Iran Carpet Company (Iran). It was created for the Abu Dhabi mosque and was measured in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2007. The carpet was created in 9 parts and assembled in the mosque.

The carpet would have been around 6,000 square metres originally, but parts of it had to be taken away in order to fit it onto the floor in the mosque.


2. Most clothes collected in 24 hours


What: 56,934 KG KILOGRAM(S)


When: 31 JANUARY 1915

The most clothes collected in 24 hours weighs 56,934 kg (125,517 lb 15.9 oz) and was achieved by the Youths Kuwait (Kuwait), in Kuwait City, Kuwait, from 30 to 31 January 2015


3. The largest collection of clothes for recycling


What : 565,798 TOTAL NUMBER


When: 28 MAY 2019

The largest collection of clothes for donation consists of 565,798 items and was achieved by Ehtwa’a Organization (Saudi Arabia) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as verified on 28 May 2019.

In addition to the clothes, the donations included accessories, perfumes, bags and shoes.


4. The largest item of spider silk  clothing 



When: 2011

The largest item of clothing woven from spider silk is a wide, full-length lady’s cape with matching 4-m-long brocade scarf, woven from the bright golden-coloured silk of more than one million female specimens of the Madagascan golden orb spider Nephila madagascariensis.

Taking eight years to create, the scarf bears a woven geometrical pattern, and the cape is adorned with intricate embroidered images of the golden orb spider, as well as plants and flowers, which took 6,000 hours to produce. Each day, a team of 80 workers collected thousands of spiders from their webs in the wild, and then used hand-powered machines to extract the silk from their spinnerets, after which the spiders were released unharmed.

It took the silk from 23,000 spiders to weave 25 g of silk, and the cape alone contains 1.5 kg of silk. The project was masterminded by American fashion designer Nicholas Godley and British art historian and textiles expert Simon Peers, and the cape and scarf were on public display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, from 25 January to 5 June 2012.

Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley discuss Golden Spider Silk


5. Most expensive suit (clothing) sold at auction

Most expensive suit (clothing) sold at auction


What: 693,174 US DOLLAR(S)


When: 20 FEBRUARY 2015

The most expensive suit (clothing) sold at the auction is Rs. (Rupees) 43,131,311 (£448,944; $693,174) and was bought by Laljibhai Tulsibai Patel (India), in Surat, Gujarat, India, on 20 February 2015.

The suit was worn by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi.

The proceeds from this auction went to the Namami Gange Fund, a project to clean the Ganges river.


6. Recycling records set in the US and Hong Kong

Recycling records set in the US and Hong Kong

after campaigns collect mountains of used clothes and bottles

Recycling records are piling up across the world as people do their best to protect the environment and help those in need this new year.

In the US, more than 77,000 lb of clothing was donated from 153 places of worship, schools, businesses and donation boxes throughout Trenton, New Jersey, earning homeless shelter The Rescue Mission of Trenton a Guinness World Records title for the Largest collection of clothes for recycle/donation.

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, the organisation contributed an incredible total of 179,550 items, significantly raising the previous record of 153,240 items that were achieved by Comfort and OMO (Unilever Gulf FZE) (UAE) in Dubai, UAE, in August 2015.

All of the clothing was given to the shelter’s homeless patrons or sold in the thrift store, of which 100% of the proceeds go towards programming for the homeless and addiction services.

Recycling records set in the US and Hong Kong

Earlier this month, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and its Alumni Association (both Hong Kong) smashed a record for the Most glass bottles recycled (one hour).

Students of Shaw College and its alumni, as well as local residents, participated in the collection of the glass bottles which weighed an incredible 1,147 kg (2528 lb 11 oz) after 60 minutes.

The attempt was held as part of a month-long celebration of Shaw College’s 30th anniversary.

The glass bottles were recycled into green bricks by a local construction materials company.


7. Longest Wedding Veil

Bride’s dream comes true with wedding veil that’s longer than 63 football fields

Maria Paraskeva, a bride from Cyprus, has achieved her lifelong dream after creating the world’s Longest wedding veil in preparation for her wedding.

The seemingly never-ending lace veil measured 6,962.6 m (22,843 ft 2.11 in),in Larnaca, Cyprus, on 14 August 2018. That’s the same length as 63-and-a-half American football fields!

“My dream as a child has always been to break the Guinness World Records title for the longest wedding veil,” said Maria.

The wedding dress and the wedding veil were created to meet professional standards, and the total material came to 4000 euros.

Maria bought 7,100 m (23,294 ft) of tulle rolls that were 1.8 m (5.9 ft) wide.

The hardest part of the process for Maria was finding a factory that could produce the tulle rolls into a veil that met professional standards and dimensions. This research took her a month.

She finally found a company in Greece that was willing to make the rolls into 1000 m veils. The factory took 3 months to create and deliver the tulle rolls to Maria’s town of Larnaca. Professional tailors then joined all the pieces by hand to create the full wedding veil.

The measurement of the veil took place in a school playing field, the closest place to Maria that could fit the reams and reams of fabric.

30 volunteers were on hand to pin down the veil as it was unrolled from the truck. It took around 6 hours to deploy the veil to its full length.

“I have dreamed of breaking this record for almost my whole life. 30 volunteers helped to make my dream come true”



8. Largest collection of ties (Grabatology)

Largest collection of ties
Largest collection of ties


What: 21,321 TOTAL NUMBER


When: 29 JULY 2017

The largest collection of ties (Grabatology) is 21,321 and was achieved by Irene Sparks (New Zealand), in Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand, on 29 July 2017.

Irene started her collection in 2000, where she wanted to make quilts from the ties she collected. It took her 2 years to make 3 quilts.


9. Largest human image of a shirt

Largest human image of a shirt
Largest human image of a shirt


What: 2,891 PEOPLE


When: 07 NOVEMBER 2018

The largest human image of a shirt consists of 2,891 participants and was achieved by Freskaleche (Colombia), at Cancha Marte, in Bucaramanga, Colombia, on 7 November 2018.

The shirt represents the colours of the football soccer team of Bucaramanga.


10. World’s biggest bra 

World's biggest bra
World’s biggest bra

The ITV building on London’s Southbank regularly plays host to eye-catching events, but few will surely have matched the recent scene which saw a giant pink bra unveiled on the side of the UK TV station’s home.

Measuring 26.72 m (87 ft 7.97 in) on the underbust and with a bust measurement of 29.6 m (97 ft 1.35 in), the record-breaking item of underwear took four weeks to make, with abseilers working for three days to install the bra on the building.

The attempt, which was organised by brand Vanish, was timed to coincide with the Breast Cancer Campaign’s Wear it Pink Day with the bra being unveiled during ITV’s daytime TV show This Morning.

Made from lightweight spinnaker nylon, it was made from 375 square metres of fabric weighing 75 kilos, with the bra’s metal fasteners giving the garment a total weight of 90 kilos.

Speaking after the successful attempt, Stefan Gaa, marketing director of Vanish said:

“The Vanish and Breast Cancer Campaign record-breaking bra is a fitting focal point for this year’s fundraising activities.”

“This is an issue that affects so many women and their families and Campaign are doing a vital job in raising funds for research and keeping breast cancer high profile.

‘Wear it Pink’ raised £2.5m for breast cancer last year by getting thousands of people to wear a pink item of clothing and donate £2 to the charity.


Source : Guinness World Records News

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