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Zorlu Textiles receives SteP certification for sustainability

The Zorlu Holding Textile group operates with a circular economy innovative approach, and have managed to achieve a sustainable way of conducting business.

The end to end process from raw materials to process management, products and production facilities to shipment with a 360-degree approach to sustainability, has been managed by this group pertaining to all its businesses.

Bound to their ethical approach Zorlu Tekstil have obtained ‘Sustainable Textile Production’ certification for its Lüleburgaz Zorluteks and Denizli Hometeks factories. Zorlu Tekstile has thus proved that it is a sustainable textile manufacturer.


Both the factories have successfully passed their auditing under the main headline of environmental performance and management, chemical management, quality management, social compliance, occupational health and safety. As they have abided by these norms they have obtained the STeP by Oeko-Tex certification with ‘level 3’ which is the highest level. This success has marked the company’s terms of sustainability.

The company will now be able to utilise the STeP BY Oeko-Tex ON Its products that already have the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certification. All factories under Zorlu Tekstil comprising the right to use the Green label will be able to certify that each product with this label is tested for harmful substances and produced in a sustainable manner.

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Cemil Cicek, the general manager of Zorlu Tekstile stated that sustainability was the most important criterion all over the world and that today even if they produced the best quality product global companies will not buy it unless it met the sustainability criteria. Cicek highlighted that there were serious sustainability criteria which include the environmental impact of production, employee environment, raw materials utilised, method of management, the contents of the final product, packaging and shipment, etc.

He stated that in order to work with global giant companies the company had to comply with all of them. He stated that as a textile company focusing their business model on sustainability they have been working on these issues for many years. He further added that they have been working with giant retailers as they have managed to meet these criteria. He believes that the STeP certification just proves the corporate transformation through implementations over the years. They believe with this certification it will not only improve their business but also help them reach a better future shaped by sustainability.

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