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Invest in Next Generation Textiles rely on Innovation

Invest in Next Generation Textiles rely on Innovation

Zorlu Textile Group President Necat Altın said that the harmful process of the epidemic process can be escaped by realizing the power of cooperation, solidarity and value creation altogether.

Zorlu Tekstil group, which stands out as the largest integrated polyester yarn manufacturer in Europe and is one of the global leaders in home textile production, continues its operations during the epidemic with its twelve corporations. Zorlu Textile Group President Necat Altın stated that they will continue to create added value for the economy during the coronavirus.

“We need better Economic Model for the world”


Stating that Zorlu Tekstil has mobilized all its possibilities, Necat Altın said: “This epidemic process shows us once again that we need an economic model that is compatible with nature, not only for ourselves but for the world.

As Zorlu Textile, we have discovered this in the early period and have been investing in next-generation textiles rely on circular economy based innovation for many years. Even the clothes used by our healthcare professionals, whose value we understand and appreciate in the process we live in, come from the next generation of textile.


These yarns with high air permeability, not sweating and providing moisture controls can reach healthcare workers thanks to the smart textile industry. We have made a donation to the several health organizations in a different part of the country in the form of pillow, quilt, duvet cover and drapery fabric supply with the support of ‘’Coronavirus Committee’’ established at our facilities to support national endeavours against the epidemic as Zorlu Textile. Some time ago, we started to produce surgical masks and protective coveralls for our healthcare workers. We will continue to support all of our people, especially our healthcare professionals, with every given opportunity. I fully believe that we will survive during the epidemic in the spirit of solidarity and with relying on our own strengths.’’

“The Whole World is facing the Dilemma”

Stating that all methods have known up until now socially and economically have been difficult and subject to an assessment during the coronavirus epidemic, a new paradigm change is needed today, “Our country undergoes an examination with this epidemic same as the whole world. Our primary duty in this process is; to protect our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who demonstrate their expertise to maintain public health and who committed their lives for our existence. However, it does not seem possible to move forward in our way with the methods and models already embraced in the economy and in our social life. The day is now the day to do what is necessary for the man and the planet, rather than saying something new. ”

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