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World Congress on Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL)

World Congress on Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL)

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The organisers of the successful and long-running conference series Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) have expanded and refocussed the event as the World Congress on Textile Coating. The event will debut in in the Hotel Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten in Berlin, on 18-19 February 2021.

SESSION ONE: Machinery, equipment and processes for coating and laminating

  • Digital dyeing technology – Per Stenflo, imogo AB Sweden
  • A novel plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition technology for hydrophobic/oleophobic durable coatings – Grégory Arnoult, AGC Plasma Technology Solutions/Unitex Belgium
  • Magnet roller coating: a versatile coating system for coating and minimal applications of textiles and nonwovens – Jürgen Hanel, Monforts Germany
  • Fibroline S-Preg: a new technology for powder coating – Joric Marduel, Fibroline France
  • Tactile sensation analyser – Alexander Grüner, emtec Electronic GmbH Germany

SESSION TWO: Novel applications for coated and laminated textiles
Haptic cushion coatings – Thomas Schmidt, Huafeng China
Silicones for the textile industry: applications and advantages – Magali Puillet, Elkem Silicones FR France

SESSION THREE: Coatings and laminate materials

  • Reinforcement and enhancement of composites through cross-laminated nettings made from renewable raw material – Harry Albus, JX Nippon Anci SAS France
  • Colloidal silica and percentage play for optimum purchase in textile coating – Paul E. Smith, Advanced Flexible Composites Inc USA
  • A disruptive coating materialization – Carlos Filipe Silva, Tintex Portugal

SESSION FOUR: Industry and market trends

  • Using a Cohesive Supply Chain to Develop New Concepts and Ideas – Joe Poterala, Mascoe Coating Systems/Gaston Coating Systems USA
  • Plus other presentations to be advised

SESSION FIVE: Environmental issues

  • From the fabric to the finishing: an all-round approach to the sustainable production of artificial leather with waterborne bio-based polyurethane dispersions – Gabriele Costa/Riccardo Caprifoglio, Lamberti SpA Italy
  • How to be sustainable in the new European scenario: FAITGREEN experience – Davide Visentin, Fait Plast SpA Italy
  • Energy-efficient drying technology for textile manufacturing – Kai K. O. Bar, adphos Digital Printing GmbH Germany
  • A water-saving hybrid manufacturing approach for functionalizing technical textiles – Heike Illing-Guenther, STFI Germany

SESSION SIX: The impact on industry and its response to the global pandemic

  • A novel finishing process for nanoparticle binding to a textile interface for improved antiviral performance against Covid-19 – Patrick Cronin, Mica NanoTech Ltd Ireland
  • Durable transparent treatment that can kill the novel coronavirus – Tom Sam, Affix Labs Finland
  • Plus other presentations to be advised.

Chaired panel discussions will follow each session.

If you are involved in textile coating and laminating, as a supplier into the industry, a textile manufacturer, a finisher, an end-user, or an industry analyst or consultant, WCTC will provide you with valuable knowledge and insight, as well as the opportunity to meet and discuss with other senior technical, marketing and management staff from all around the world. To see the companies that have been represented at recent meetings please visit the conference website.

Early-bird registration is open and you can make large savings by registering now, and by registering all your company delegates at once for additional discounts off 3+ delegates. Please visit the conference website HERE for full information and to register as a delegate. Note – Early-bird discount places are limited and end 23 October 2020.



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