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We aRe SpinDye delivers drastic resource savings in the manufacturing process in new collaboration

With its resource-saving dyeing technology, We aRe SpinDye takes place in H & M’s latest Innovation Stories collection, Co-exist

We aRe SpinDye once again delivers water and environmentally friendly technology to the latest Innovation Stories from H&M, this time it is called Co-exist.

Water is a basic precondition for all life on our planet and access to clean water is a human right and a high priority in the Global Goals 2030. With increasing C02 emissions and temperature increases as a result, we are also in the beginning of dramatic effects on biodiversity.

The use of We aRe SpinDye’s technology contributes to reducing both water consumption and CO2 emissions, which in turn leads to a lower impact on the world’s ecosystem and creates conditions for our co-existence with nature.

Up to 24% of a garment’s entire climate footprint occurs during dyeing. We aRe SpinDye’s technology can drastically reduce the consumption of the earth’s resources in textile production. On average, the reduction of water is -75%, chemicals -90% and energy consumption and CO2 emissions -30%

In just one year, the clothing industry uses 9 billion cubic meters of water (which is in line with the annual need for drinking water* for the entire population of our planet) and 168 million tons of process chemicals to dye fabrics. We aRe SpinDye now hopes that more players in the industry will pay attention to the ways that are available when it comes to the resource-efficient dyeing process and quickly implement this technology in their production.

– The enormous resource consumption in the dyeing process is a global problem that must be addressed on a broad front. It is therefore inspiring to work with major brands with an organization that is sensitive to cutting-edge expertise and at the same time shows a willingness to work together to achieve common goals, says Andreas Andrén, CEO of We aRe SpinDye.

About We aRe Spin Dye

The company is a Swedish cleantech company that provides and offers technology and platform for production and quality control that enables players in the fashion and clothing industry to significantly reduce their environmental impact. The company’s business concept is to establish a new, sustainable and transparent standard for dyeing synthetic textiles in the fashion and apparel industry in a simple and user-friendly way.

*) The need for fresh drinking water is calculated at 3.5 litres per person/day.


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