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Mr-Saleem-Khan-Tanoli-CEO-FAKT Exhibitions
Mr-Saleem-Khan-Tanoli-CEO-FAKT Exhibitions

Two decades of FAKT Exhibitions experience, guarantee your success at IGATEX PAKISTAN

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Interview with Mr. Saleem Khan Tanoli, CEO- FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd.

By: Kohan Textile Journal

FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. came into being nearly two decades ago, since then we never looked back and are considered as the leading exhibitions & conferences organizing company in Pakistan specializing in industrial & corporate trade shows.

1、let us know more about FAKT exhibitions, history, Events and success story … 

We embrace a portfolio of over 25 industrial sectors and being the UFI- approved event organizing company our events are absolutely in accordance with international standards. Our events have over 3,000 exhibitor clientele from more than 40 countries and over 50 media partners and 60 endorsers both local and international, with a yearly visitorship of 200,000.

Our company is known for its benchmark successes by organizing pioneer exhibitions such as IGATEX PAKISTANInternational Garment and Textile Machinery Exhibition and Conference, 3P PAKISTAN – International Plastic, Printing and Packaging Exhibition and Conference, SOLAR PAKISTAN – International Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference, DPS WORLD PAKISTAN – Digital Printing & Signage Exhibition and Conference to name a few.


We are committed to success through organizing world-class events, exhibitions and conferences to help sustain the economic growth of Pakistan.

FAKT Exhibitions’ objective is to give each and every event a different Meaning, Identity and Vision with true professionalism to chart the roads of corporate, trade and commerce promoting events. We excel in creating networking opportunities, carving possibilities for corporate sector augmentation and organizing a hub of business expansions.

2、Can you tell us how is the textile industry situation in PAKISTAN During Pandemic?

Pakistan’s textile industry plays a vital role in the economy, our textile products are mainly exported. The textile industry has suffered due to the pandemic and there is a dip in exports.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a decrease in the trade volume of textile exports by 6.06% to $ 11.56 billion during Jul-May FY20 when compared to $ 12.31 billion recorded during Jul-May FY19.

According to the latest data issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on export receipts by commodities, the textile products remained the major exportable goods for Pakistan as it shares 58.42% in total exports during Jul-May FY20. Moreover, it is the crucial sector as it is a vital source of employment and production.

On the exports front, within the textile group, the major exportable goods include Knitwear, Readymade Garments, Bed wears, and Cotton Cloth.

The exports of Cotton Cloth, Knitwear, Bed Wears, Readymade Garments went down by 12.49%, 3.62%, 4.96% and 2.95%, YoY, to $1.699 billion, $2.573 billion, $1.984 billion and $2.367 billion respectively during the period under review.

On a year-on-year basis, the textile group’s exports were recorded at $751 million, showing a significant decline of 36.65% when compared to $1.185 billion of May 2019. This fall in export volumes is attributed to drying up of orders during the last quarter of FY20.

3、How has the pandemic had an impact on exhibition business?

Pakistan’s exhibition industry plays an important role in enhancing the country’s trade, economic activities and introducing state of the art technologies. The exhibition business is severely hit by the pandemic, many exhibitions including our own exhibitions have been postponed as there is a ban on public gatherings by the government. Exhibition organizers like us have started organizing online webinars to not only keep the industry and professionals updated and a step ahead in the current situation but also provide business matchmaking activities to support and enhance business sector during the pandemic situation.

4、Is there any policy issued by local government or associations that may help the exhibition industry recover?

Due to the pandemic, almost all industries in Pakistan have been hit. We have two fully functional expo centres, located in Karachi and Lahore. Both were converted into field hospitals to treat COVID – 19 patients but now the situation is getting better Expo Centre Lahore has been vacated and Karachi Expo Centre is also expected to be vacated soon. The government is actively taking measures to normalize business activates in Pakistan and as soon as things get better the exhibition industry will effectively start functioning on same pace as before.


5、What have the industrial manufacturers done in streamlining their business during this period of time?

The textile sector was in shambles as their international orders have been cancelled and they have been asked to suspend the shipment for at least three weeks initially. Manufacturers completed their pre-orders and did not take any further orders as shipment was suspended during that time.

Manufacturers have transformed towards making medical textiles like PPE’s on a huge scale to streamline their business activities and financial hangover which persists for years to meet.

Pakistani textile companies are focused on exports, according to the Ministry of Commerce estimate, exports could either plunge to by 25% ($1.336 billion) at the minimum or by maximum 50 % ($2.672 billion) at the maximum. It mainly depends upon the containment of the fatal virus, and on the longevity of lockdown in the country.

IGATEX Pakistan :: Itema to exhibit weaving machines at IGATEX Pakistan
IGATEX Pakistan ::

6、How is your prediction for the post-Covid-19 period of textile exhibitions industry? any barriers? what is your strategy for this period?

The MICE Industry in Pakistan has been hit hard as the nature of this business is highly dependent on the human-to-human interaction. In the wake of such catastrophic events, a stark proliferation of virtual events and exhibitions has been observed throughout the world. Such manoeuvres stir up the much-debated questions on the viability of virtual exhibitions as the future of MICE industry. How virtual exhibitions would impact the businesses worldwide and Pakistan in particular? Are we ready for this change? Are we ready to explore this question and deal with the baggage it brings? It’s an entirely different debate! There is no denying the fact that each solution must have something substantial to offer however, the digitalization of what’s supposed to be a physical and tangible human experience pares down the entire purpose of exhibitions altogether.

Picanol to present textile machines at IGATEX Pakistan
IGATEX Pakistan

7、For global textile industry, how do you think is the best way to overcome the industrial crisis and better cooperate in this scenario?

There is an urgent need to make the textile supply chain smooth and running. Another lesson to learn is not to depend on a single source for raw material supplies and shift towards localization and variable-cost models. Many global companies would shift buying from China to other countries. As food and clothing will continue to remain key purchases, there is always hope for this industry.

Businesses need to understand that the future is for those who are working with the pace of time. Digitalization has become need of the hour and in these unusual scenarios, it has become even more inevitable to use digital tools in our businesses to keep them afloat.

8- what is your textile event schedule in future?

Our textile event IGATEX PAKISTAN – International Garment and Textile Machinery Exhibition and Conference was supposed to take place in July this year but unfortunately due to pandemic and considering the ease of our exhibitors we have shifted it to mid-March next year. All 3 halls of Expo Centre Lahore are completely booked, which mostly consist of recurring exhibitors. We have highest number of exhibitors from countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, USA and many more.

9- in Covid Time many companies are preparing for Virtual and online Exhibitions. What do you think about Online and Virtual events? Is it a competitor for physical shows or it is a temporary and impermanent solution for lockdown time?

Yes, many companies have started organizing virtual/online exhibitions. We conducted several polls and took valuable opinion from our exhibitors, according to their suggestion and my experience this is just a temporary solution considering COVID-19. The orthodox physical exhibitions have their own importance. I believe in the power of face to face interaction. Physical Exhibitions are more than a trading activity, it brings together like-minded people to explore new innovations under one roof and cannot be permanently replaced by virtual/online exhibitions.

Source: Stats have been taken from https://mettisglobal.news/

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