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Top 5 Producers of Home Textiles in Turkey

Cloths and fabrics used as part of home furnishings are known as home textiles. They improve our quality of life and offer our interiors a distinct aesthetic character.

Home textiles are functionally and aesthetically connected to the interior of a home. They are made up of a variety of functional and decorative items that are mostly utilized to decorate our homes.

Sheets and Pillowcases, Blankets, Towels, Table Cloths, and Carpets and Rugs are the most basic types of home textiles.


Turkey is one of the first countries that comes to mind when thinking of textiles in the entire world, and it has succeeded in becoming a brand country in the home textile area. Turkey’s global success is based on a variety of factors, including high-quality fabric, a diverse range of manufacturing areas and processes, advanced textile education possibilities, and a skilled labor force in both quality and quantity. In the following essay, the top 5 producers of home textiles in Turkey are introduced.


Karaca Home

Karaca Home, a well-known Turkish company that provides value-added designs in home textiles, combines aesthetics and quality for its customers. The Karaca Home brand, which debuted in January 2012, quickly made its way into consumers’ homes and gained widespread praise.

In the first six months of 2013, Karaca became the greatest brand in its area in Turkey in the home textile market, and it has maintained this position to this day.

At Marketing TR magazine’s 2016 One Awards, Karaca Home was recognized as ‘The Most Successful Brand of the Year in the Home Textile-Decoration Sector.’ Karaca Home’s extensive product line includes elegant bed linen sets, bedspreads, blankets, towels, and bathrobes. Accessories, as well as textiles, are available from Karaca Home. Excellent designers from studios in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and England prepare the designs for the Karaca Home collection, which are then interpreted and colored by Turkish designers.

madame coco


MADAME COCO, which was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing the best product and service based on accurate consumer needs analyses in the fields of home/living, décor, and home textiles in Turkey, has quickly become the sector’s top brand. MADAME COCO aims to become a global brand.

It is on its path to becoming one of the most prominent representations of Turkey in the international arena by rapidly expanding its operations in various countries and opening new stores abroad. It operates 300 stores in 92 Turkish cities and 17 other countries and offers a full range of home textile products.



The Zorlu Textiles Group, Europe’s largest producer of integrated polyester yarn and cotton home textiles, has 12 subsidiaries. The Group sells 60% of its production to 58 countries across five continents, making it the leader in textile exports in Turkey. Zorluteks, Europe’s leading home textile exporter and one of the top three players in the worldwide home textiles industry, is Europe’s largest integrated producer of cotton home textiles.

Zorluteks produces 250 million square meters of home textile products per year from four plants that include home textile, curtain weaving-knitting, finishing, and garment factories. The market leader in a 700 million-strong market exports 62 percent of its output to other markets, primarily the United States, Europe, Japan, and Russia. The remainder is sold locally under the TAÇ, Linens, and Valeron brands.



With a wide range of items ranging from linen curtains to linen, from towels to blankets and licensed products, Zorlu Textiles Group’s largest brand, TAÇ, reaches millions of customers in 800 stores and sales locations in Turkey and 158 stores and 690 sales stations abroad.

linens-Home textile Turkey


Linens is Turkey’s first home textile chain to operate in international markets, with 17 stores. Curtains, linens, bedspreads, towels, bathroom items, baby products, tableware, and accessories are all available at linens stores, as well as a complete “curtain installation service.”
Valeron Valeron is presently offered in 40 countries across the US, the Far East, the Middle East, and Europe, where it initially gained fame in the European home textile market.


Chakra was founded in 2005 as a brand of Kocaer Textile, a subsidiary of the Kocaer Group, one of Denizli’s leading industrial enterprises. Chakra has become a well-liked and favored brand, with items providing customers with a fresh and clean sensation.

Chakra offers a wide range of products, including towels, bathrobes, duvet sets, home accessories, aromatic oils, perfumes, oil lamps, candles, and body care products. The usage of bamboo in Chakra’s products combines body-texture communication with a positive life force. Thanks to its original retail design and goods, Chakra is quickly becoming one of the top brands in the home-bath textiles and personal care business.


Vakko is one of the largest textile companies in Turkey, offering garments and home textiles. It has passed 86 years of success behind achieving its pioneer position today. This company constantly considers changing world conditions and developing technologies in designing its products.

In Vakko, every stage of manufacturing is overseen by skilled management staff. Besides, Vakko designs are created in the Pattern Workshop by Vakko’s experienced creators. Vakko group tries to be innovative and pioneer in the sector by following the innovations continuously. As a result, offering high-quality and privileged products highly satisfies Vakko’s customers.

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