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The Best Jeans Cloth Manufacturers in Egypt

The Best Jeans Cloth Manufacturers in Egypt

Denim Fabrics and Jean clothing is a fast-growing product in the Egyptian textile sector during past few years.

Now it is the most exported product in terms of value. We collect the best  Jeans Cloth Manufacturers in Egypt in this article.

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Fourtex ( Sharbati Denim)

Egypt Headquarters & Factory:  Alroubaia Textile Co. Fourtex . 3rd Industrial Zone Extension, El-Sadat City
P.O. Box: 148
Tel: +20 482659023/24

Sharabati Denim was founded in Syria, the birthplace of the textile industry, in 1978. Now relocated in Egypt and Turkey, we were among the first companies in the Middle East to produce denim. Over the years, Sharabati Denim has grown rapidly to become a fully integrated textile manufacturer covering the complete production cycle, right from the cotton bale.

We oversee the entire process of denim and flat fabric production, from sourcing high quality raw materials to producing yarn, finished denim and flat fabrics. We are a family-owned business, and promote a supportive, inclusive working environment, prioritising our 3,000 employees’ health and safety.

Sharabati Denim has successfully expanded over the years, doubling our production nearly every seven years. We are known for market-leading innovation, establishing the first denim line in Syria and the first gabardine line in Egypt.

Today, we are strategically located in both the south and north of the Mediterranean, operating factories in Sadat City, Egypt, and Kadirli, Turkey. This means we are uniquely placed to serve local and international textiles and apparel markets. Today, from our Egypt headquarters and our JNR sister company, we produce 80 million running metres of fabric annually.

With sales offices in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, we export our products to top fashion brands in 27 countries. In particular, we serve customers in Europe (Germany, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania), North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco) and the Far East (Bangladesh, Vietnam, India).


Sheeba Ggarment

Mr.Anowar Salem
Address: Sheeba International Garments Co. Port Said Public Free ZONE Port Said, Egypt.
Tel : +20663724758, +20663727758, +20663724091
Fax : +20663723364,+20663725985
Email: info@SheebaGarments.com

Sheeba International Garments was founded by the Bahubaish family in 1991 in the Free Zone area, Portsaid, Egypt.

Our company is a state of the art facility with over 3000 employees supporting the company business of manufacturing and supplying high-end quality garments to the top brands in European and US markets. Housing 1200 machines with a monthly capacity of 390000 units on a total landscape of:31600 m².

We use the latest state of the art technology for washes, designs, embroideries, patchwork, etc which are fully compliant to all international production, quality, and evaluation standards.

Sheeba is lead by a committed team of professionals with 24+ years of experience in garment production, finishing, and quality assurance to insure a trendy, durable, reliable, with the most affordable prices in Denim apparel to serve the worldwide exports market.

Egyptian Textile Machinery Market ; “All Roads Lead to Nobeltex”


Dolphin Egypt

Contact: Mr.Mohamed Hany
Address: Dolphin Garments Co, Port Said Public Free Zone – B.O.Box: 15 Investment Area, Port Said, Egypt.
Email: dolphin@dolphinegypt.com
MOBILE: (+20) 1005-440-794
TEL:(+20) 66-372-5299 / (+20) 66-372-4440

Dolphin Garments was established as a stock company with capital of 5,000,000 USD & turnover export 15,000,000 USD. Dolphin Garment was established in 1990 and start production in July 1991 with twelve production lines .


Our Facilities
Our Facilities main article is manufacturing ready made garments like pants, jeans, shorts & skirts. all kind of bottoms from any kind of fabric like denim up to 13 oZ, stretch twill & denim, corduroy, twill, canvas, bull denim, sateen, fleece.

Dolphin Garments is located in Port Said public free zone, Egypt which has a strategic location in the center of the world at the entrance of Suez Canal from the Mediterranean Sea. Our Factory are very close to the port (only 50 meters)!!

We are QIZ Factories this means that our exports to USA is duty free (zero duty) beside that we connect with USA through flash sea shipping line (16 days transit time) and we can also export to Europe & Turkey with zero duty (Euro 1).



ADDRESS: Port Said Public Free Zone. Port Said 42111, Egypt
Phone: +20 663735551
EMAIL: lotus@lotusgarments.com

At LOTUS, we are proud to represent the values that we have strived to achieve and perfect over years.

Because we, the people behind LOTUS, believe that true long-term relations can only be built upon communication and respect. Technology, reliability and flexibility to meet our customers’ requests are the platform for our optimized supply chain and allow us to work with the world’s leading denim brands.

More than 24 years ago, Mr. Hossam was working as an engineer in Port Said. As a result of requests for padded jackets from US brands Utex and Savanna, he rented a building and set up four lines. Growing with orders from ALPHA, together with his small team he produced jackets and pants for the US army. He adapted the production setup according to demand, employed more workers and bought the facility. The company LOTUS was born.

He entered the denim business in 2002, first together with GAP. Today we deliver 16 million jeans annually to Levi’s, Polo Ralph Lauren and VF Corporation, among others. And ever since then, growth through know-how, technology and perfection have been our core focus.

Production and manufacturing management has within the last years reach a new level of concepts: manufacturing strategy, focused factory, just-in-time manufacturing, total quality management, supply chain management, flexible manufacturing systems.

As a result of this development and today’s globalization of manufacturing Lotus Garments Group undergo a continual flow of revisions, new manufacturing techniques and research.

Lotus Garments Group has developed to and is keeping up with the leading edge of innovation that guaranties 100% flexibility for all costumers and needs.


dnm-denim-ogoDNM Denim

Factory: Public Free Zone, Damietta / Egypt
Email: info@dnmtextile.com
Tel: +20 57 229 23 30 / +20 57 229 23 31

DNM was established in 2011 in Damietta, Egypt, using 100% Turkish capital.

With a team of experienced and professional staff, its environmentally friendly production approach and a young and dynamic organisational structure, DNM has quickly become recognised as one of the world’s leading denim producers.

DNM has developed a unique reputation for its high-quality denim collections, offering a wide variety of colours, constructions and special textures in its fabrics.

Producing a range of timeless and next-generation fabrics with vintage touches, DNM today is working with many of the world’s largest denim brands and retailers throughout the industry.

DNM aims to become the preferred mill in denim through its sustainable and innovative production approach, while offering premium quality and original fabrics for pioneering fashion brands.

DNM Denim Mill is a truly modern facility, designed and engineered with the latest equipment and processes to minimise its environmental impact. Sustainability is therefore at the heart of everything we do.

Safai Factory

Contact: Mr.Hessien Shalby
57 El Khalefa El mammon St – Roksy Cairo
Tel : 00202 22562533 / 012 22312100
Email: Elhana33@yahoo .com / Safarishops_1@hotmail.com

Matex Factory

Contact: Mr.Ibrahim Hassan
Tel: 00202 2556868 / 02 255066432
Email: maytex@maytextile.com

Farana for Jeans
Mr. Waled Mohamed
Address: 15 Mayo industrial
Tel: 00202 25520262 / 0100 06110609 / 02 25520261
Emaiol: farana_jeans_94@hotmail.com

Faco Factory
Contact: Mr.kheder Fathy
Address: 10 Heten Manshiya, El Mehala Kubra
Tel: 002040 2125349 / 012 27104911

Contact Person: Mr.Zakria Halawa
Address: El Mansoura Road Mehalla Kubra
Tel:002012 23226089 / 002040 2222495
Email: nabil@hallawatex.com

El Askry Dot
Mr.Ehab El Askery
Address: 1 Wahaba Slama  – Warak – Giza
Tel: 002012 2213153 / 00202 35459802
Email: adelforever@yahoo.com

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