Texworld Denim Paris gets a makeover

Final Report- Texworld Denim 16-19/9/2019, Le Bourget, Paris


Messe Frankfurt France’s trade shows dedicated to the fashion industry attracted 14,862 visitors, who thronged the aisles at The Fairyland for Fashion. 213 people did not attend. After a 2018 show that was quite extraordinary, September 2019’s show recorded rather more consistent results, with positive overtones on the whole.

The Top 5 visitors remain unchanged in spite of economic pressure and the political situation:
1 – France, 2 – United Kingdom, 3 – Spain, 4 – Italy, 5 – Turkey

We would point out the increase in visitors attending from Poland (+11%), which attests to the important role played by this country in European sourcing. For those attending from countries outside Europe, footfall remained encouraging, with a return in force from Turkey (+17%), as well as from other major importer countries such as Morocco (+19%) from the African continent and, it goes without saying, China (+41%). United States (+1%), Canada (+14%) and Brazil (+15%) also attended this season’s show.

“The market is difficult but those who have the products and skills that appeal were able make the most of the situation. Despite less time spent by visitors, he number of people attending still reported excellent business. There is an explanation for this: exhibitors at our trade shows are increasingly adapting to the demands of the market and becoming ever better at doing so. These efforts were rewarded with an excellent atmosphere and significant results, especially among the top companies.

Overall we noticed a degree of instability on the markets due to the uncertainty caused by some turbulence in relations between certain countries. Exhibitors and visitors with most experience of the market were more than able to benefit from this situation. We note that a number of our exhibitors have adapted to meet the demands of customers, who wish to place orders for smaller quantities. They have also recorded increases in their turnover” says Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

Texworld Denim Paris gets a makeover

Texworld Denim and Texworld Paris attracted 1014 exhibitors during an especially active September show. Messe Frankfurt France’s trade fair dedicated to denim underwent a makeover for the occasion, in keeping with one of the key topics this season: sustainable development. For that matter, it cannot have escaped anyone’s attention that there were a good number of exhibitors at Texworld Denim displaying the most popular environmental certifications in the industry.

“Being outside the regular timetable for denim, Texworld Denim is placed closest to the demand from contractors who very often are on the lookout for items to complete their collections. For the buyers attending our shows know how to make the most of the very varied offer at The Fairyland for Fashion. And so they can relax and discover the world of denim, browsing the aisles to see what grabs their attention. This is one of this show’s strong points and I thought it is essential to highlight this potential even more by adopting an exhibition layout that was more welcoming and in keeping with the times”, explained Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

Faded blue blended in with a wood structure that served to host denim clothing manufacturers, who came from the major countries supplying the industry, such as Bangladesh, China, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Turkey. This 5th Texworld Denim show remained an essential rendezvous in Europe, an exception in the usual timetable for this sector. The exhibition this September goes to confirm that a majority of visitors only see each other at Texworld Denim. Greater footfall than usual was reported by exhibitors, who also remarked that buyers were increasingly looking for materials and fabrics, preferably with proof of good environmental practice. Sustainability was a major subject, also where exhibitors were concerned, many of whom believe that this factor is becoming an essential one.

For Atul Saxena, head of design at Evince Textiles, a manufacturer of materials and clothing, the event was “worthwhile and very diverse”. He was delighted with the American contacts they made at the show.
As a complement to the adjoining shows, Apparel Sourcing and Texworld Paris, Texworld Denim has undergone a transformation into an event for buyers of denim material for capsule collections or else for restocking forthcoming lines of accessories and denim clothing.

Next Texworld Denim
10-11-12-13 February 2020 in Paris, Le Bourget


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