How to Know Successful Textile Agencies in Africa: A Promoting Sector in 3 Decades

About Textile agency in Africa

Although the African textile market is diverse, cotton seems to be consistent. Nowadays, cotton is grown and sold in many African nations.

With 450,000 Africans employed in the cotton industry alone, six cultivate cotton under the brand “Cotton made in Africa,” which is also one of the major industries. But their textile sector is not limited to the production and sale of cotton.

Within and outside of the continent, there is a growing market for African styles, fabrics, and apparel. For instance, South Africa also has a thriving leather sector and is one of the world’s significant mohair producers. South Africa has also entered the technical textiles market by supplying hemp to aerospace manufacturers for their goods.

On the other hand, sub-Saharan Africa’s demand for clothing and footwear is currently valued at USD 31 billion. Over the forecast period of 2019-2024, the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for the African textile sector is predicted to be about 5% that which requires the creation of more textile agency in Africa.

Although China and India now produce the most textiles, “made in Africa” is growing in popularity. Many African textile companies are shifting their manufacturing operations from Asia to Africa, with Ethiopia gaining the upper hand in the growth of the textile sector in East Africa.

Additionally, textile agency in Africa is beginning to appear in nations like Ethiopia, employing people and assisting African textile companies attempting to avoid the growing wages in countries like China.

Textile agency in Africa

Opportunities and Difficulties in African Textile and Apparel Industry

A diversified region, Sub-Saharan Africa has a wealth of rich natural and human resources and a tremendous deal of opportunity to produce cotton competitively and accomplish equitable prosperity. In addition to generating cash and jobs, it’s textile and garment sector is crucial.

Sub-Saharan African nations have recently caught the eye of textile corporations from around the world and emerged as a promising location for obtaining textiles and apparel and textile agency in Africa. Capital inflows, foreign investments, investor trust in the continent’s production and development capabilities, and the expanding cotton sector are the main drivers of this industry’s impressive rise.

Compared to 2021, Sub-Saharan African countries’ exports of textiles and clothing increased by 25% to $5.14 billion compared to exports of $4.11 billion in 2020.

According to data and observations, it is evident that African textile companies have a substantially greater import-to-export ratio. This suggests that, in contrast to other emerging economies at a comparable level of industrial development, the territory is incapable of satisfying its internal needs.

Textile agency in Africa

The more considerable import indicates a financial imbalance and a decline in economic presence in the region to export ratio. Due to the low prices of imports from Asian nations like China, India, and Pakistan, the textile agency in Africa and clothing sectors in the Sub-Saharan African countries are experiencing escalating rivalry in the local market.

With a demographic of 1.14 billion and a growth rate of 2.7% annually, Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 77 percent of the world’s under-35 population. The United Nations predicts that during the next 20 years, Sub-Saharan Africa will experience the fastest rise in the total workforce worldwide.

Over 900 million individuals in the area will be of the motivated and productive workforce by 2035, matching China’s population size. The textile agency in Africa are among those paying heed to this enormous labour source.

The production of real worth advantages and jobs in the textile and apparel sector is quite promising. Along the cotton supply stream, which includes cotton production, spinning and twisting into yarn, weaving and knitting into the fabric, dyeing, printing, and designing, up to 600 percent of revenue can be generated, according to estimates.

From manufacturing to marketing, the fashion business is a hugely lucrative market where new employment and income can be generated at every stage. Additionally, this sector is dominated by micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, which may quickly create respectable positions, both trained and untrained, particularly for young people and women.

Textile agency in Africa

Africa urgently needs to modernise quickly and add worth to all it generates. The action plan will do this by enhancing start-up textile companies’ direct exposure to financial services and marketplaces through e-commerce while fostering and speeding up start-ups.

Achievement will depend on how well the value stream, which includes industrialization, uses and correctly credits indigenous craftsmanship and material. This lays the groundwork for an African economy’s fundamental reform to happen more quickly and sustainably.

The textile agency in Africa and its apparel sector offer unique potential for nations aiming to industrialize. In addition to contributing to economic diversification, the industry can generate foreign cash if it is focused on exports.

Textile agency in Africa

Let’s examine the situation in Ethiopia as an example. The country has been constructing infrastructure facilities to increase textile production and growth to have $30 billion in exports from the apparel manufacturing sector by 2030. It’s not surprising that Ethiopia has drawn global leaders in the textile agency in Africa like H&M and Primark.

However, there are many potentials as well as obstacles for African nations. Among other difficulties, these involve a poor business climate, a lack of trained and untrained labour, a significant production cost, and poor infrastructure.

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Textile Agency in Africa

The following is a list of some textile agency in Africa

Textile agency in Africa johanrextilejournal

1. JMV Textiles (Pty) Ltd

J.M.V. Textiles manufactures knitted fabrics and provides finishing services such as screen printing and dyeing. In addition to dyed acrylic, poly-cotton, cotton, and viscose yarns, Polydye also offers polyester and nylon patterned filament yarns in natural and dyed forms.
Address: 18 Republic Street, P.O. Box 300, Verulam, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 4340, South Africa
Tel: 032 533 1070
Fax: 032 533 1074
[email protected]


2.  Gelvenor Textiles

Gelvenor Textiles has been a pioneer in the textile business since 1965 as a top textile manufacturer and fabric engineering firm. Among their offerings are numerous aviation textiles, industrial fabrics, protective workwear, technical garments, and high-performing outdoor textile fabrics.
Address: Corner Anderson & Morewood Road, Hammarsdale
Tel: +27(0)31 736 8000
[email protected]
[email protected]


3. RVK Textile Agency in Africa CC

Founded In 2001 In Durban, RVK Textiles Supplies Customers On A National Basis And Also Exports To Surrounding Countries. Apart From Having Offices In Durban. As Well As Representation Nationally We Have A Retail Shop At Our Durban Premises.

Our Core Stock Has No Minimum Requirements. However, Should You Require Your Own Design Or Colour, Minimum Quantities Are Applicable. We Also Offer A Range Of Fabrics In PFD (Prepared For Dye), PFP (Prepared For Print) And Loomstate.

We Offer Continuity Of Product And Ensure That Our Fabric Performs To Industry Standards.
Address: 74 Marseilles Crescent, Briardene, Durban North, Kwazulu Natal, 4016, South Africa
Phone: +27 31 564 6047
Mail: [email protected]

kohan textile journal

4.  Kebire Enterprises PLC (MAA GARMENT & TEXTILE FACTORY)

Maa Garment & Textiles, a Kebire Enterprises P.L.C. division, manufactures knitted and woven clothing. It is intended to make sets of jeans, pants, and jackets, as well as men’s and women’s shirts and blouses.

Textile agency in Africa

MAA garment factory is spearheaded by dynamic local staff combined with expatriates from Turkey, Pakistan & Philippines, with a production set-up fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery & equipment from renowned manufacturers in the world like Juki, Brothers, Myers & Cie, THIES, and MONFORTS.

Address: SP.O.Box 1804, Mekelle, Ethiopia
Phone: +251344420501
Mobile Phone: +251914310962
FAX: +251344420505

Textile agency in Africa kohantextile


By producing 100% cotton products using ecologically friendly technologies that fulfill customer demands and increase market share, KOMBOLCHA TEXTILE is the nation’s export leader. This company generates a financial gain for all stakeholders and is essential to the growth of the nation’s economy.
Phone: +251-33-5510202 / +251-33-5510103
Fax: +251-33-5510266
Email: [email protected]

6.  El-Anany Co.

Cotton importing and exporting are widely known specialities of El-Anany Co. In 1994, they started doing internal business and established their corporation immediately. They work hard to establish themselves as a top textile agency in Africa for the cotton trade. After that, they focused on the global market to get back on track.
Address:50 A Al-Gomhoreya St. Opera- Egypt
Telephone :002-02-25905718
Contact Person: Mr. Eslam Ahmed
Telephone: 002-02-25905718


7.  Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory Plc

The factory was established by the Greece investor its former name of Lazaridis Cotton Mills LTD S.C, in 1954 E.C (1961 G.C) and has its principal company location in the Addis Ababa city area in Ethiopia, created to produce & supply a cotton yarn the later on by the name of Adei Ababa Yarn Factory and Addis Izemir Textile Factory by expanding into a blanket, knitting, dyeing and garment plants developing self-contained manufacturer with integrated plants. Currently by the name of Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory PLC in 2002 E.C (2010 G.C) was privatized from government ownership on a sales basis and created to bring integrated products & services by undergoing various rehabilitation and expansion projects plus employee capacity-building programs to improve its capacity and competitiveness in export and domestic markets.

The company is located in Addis Ababa Debrezeit Road, Nefas silk-lafto, and it has the advantage of getting an electric power supply, proximity to centre of the Addis Ababa city market (Merkato) and Mojo dry port and the basic infrastructure of water supply, schools, hospitals, potential train transport and other facilities.

Its top goal is to fulfil the needs of its customers by becoming one of the country’s leading producers of blankets, knitting fabrics, and clothing.
● Knitting
● Dying
● Garment
● Blanket
Address: Debrezeit Road Nifas Silk Lafto Addis Ababa 20346/1000 Ethiopia
Tel: +251114422300
Email: [email protected]


8.  Bahir Dar Textile S.C.

Bahir Dar Textile Share Company was founded in 1961 by the Italian government grant to Ethiopia as war compensation.

Its headquarter is in Bahir Dar (a tourist destination convenient town in the northern part of the country), with branch at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company crossed many milestones in the textile sector which utilized organic cotton a lonely row material.

The business achieved numerous milestones in the textile industry by using organic cotton, a commodity once in a lonely row. The company is expanding its project, including the most cutting-edge machinery and an integrated cotton mill with spinning, weaving, dyeing/finishing, and garment divisions.
Office Location: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Tel: (+251) 582 200 104
Email Address: [email protected]

Nida Textile Mills

9.  Nida Textile Mills

Our journey is a love story. A story that began when one of the leading textile families of South Asia became so enamoured with Tanzania that they decided to call it home. The first seed of this love was sowed in 2002 when Nida Textiles started a ginnery unit in the cotton-producing goldmine of Shinyanga to provide quality yarn to its state-of-the-art textile mill in Dar es Salaam.

After two decades, this seed has burgeoned into a giant magnanimous tree that has become one of the leading producers and exporters of premium textiles across Africa and beyond. Nida Textiles is Tanzania’s largest vertically integrated textile group meeting the ever-growing demand for premium textile products in the quality khanga, kitenge and bed linen in the region.

Telephone: +255 22 2128119
Fax: +255 22 2128118
Email: [email protected]

logo_ Sunflag

10.  Sunflag Tanzania Limited

Arusha is home to the fully integrated textile and apparel manufacturer Sunflag (Tanzania) Limited (Tanzania). It has been operating since 1965 and employs approximately 2700 people from various backgrounds.
● Garments
● Yarns
● Knitted Fabrics
Postal Address: Sunflag Tanzania Limited, P.O. Box 3123, Arusha, Tanzania
Phone: +255 27 254 9268 / +255 27 254 9270
Fax: +255 27 254 9335
Email: [email protected]


11.  Spin Knit Limited

With manufacturing facilities for knitwear, Maasai Shuka, Kikoys, baby shawls & blankets, machine knitting yarn, and 100% acrylic hand knitting yarn, Spin-Knit Limited is one of the top textile companies in Africa, Kenya.
Address: P.O. Box 1478-20100 Nakuru, Along Nakuru – Eldoret road. Kenya
Phone: +254 722 825 349 / +254 51 2211517
Email: [email protected]


12.  Rivatex East Africa Limited

They strive to become the most innovative and high-quality textile agency in Africa, ensuring a reliable and continuous production of fine textiles and clothing for domestic and global markets.
Address: P.O. BOX 4744 -30100 ELDORET – KENYA
Phone: +254532030901-3
Email: [email protected]


13.  TAYAL, S.P.A

Founded in Algeria in November 2013, the Algerian for Textile Industries TAYAL, S.P.A. is a joint venture. Thirty-six thousand tons of yarn, 50 million meters of woven fabric, 5,000 tons of knit fabric, and up to 30 million prepared clothing items can all be produced annually by TAYAL.
Address: Sidi Khettab Industrial Zone, 22 Isles Section, Property 20 Relizane, 48029, Algeria.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +213 (0) 46 802 904

Sustainable Cotton from the Pearl of Africa


With the company’s approach to the “Field to Fashion concept,” retailers have a rare chance to track their whole supply chain while maintaining a high level of competitiveness. At the local and federal levels, it significantly boosts value addition and the related stakeholder benefits.
Address: Plot 33A-41A Spring Road, Kiswa Zone Bugolobi, P.O. Box 3794, Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256 (41) 434 2716.


15. Nytil

Nytil products are available everywhere and gently touch life. Through complete customer pleasure, superior technology, and high-quality products, they will achieve market dominance in East Africa for their textile and apparel products.
Address: 2nd Floor, Plot No 37, Jinja Road, (Above Bank of India), Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +256 707 309154
Email: [email protected]


16.  Finotex

The Finotex textile plant in Morocco has been manufacturing wholesale textiles since 1967 and specializes in producing technical and apparel fabrics, such as knitting or weaving/hosiery, interior materials, and clothing accessories, such as blanket tapes or curtain ruffles.
Address: Zone Industrielle route de Tétouan, Allée 1, Lot 13, 90000 Tangier – Morocco
Tel: +212 (0)5 39 35 11 31 / +212 (0)5 39 35 01 87
Fax : +212 (0)5 39 35 11 33
E-mail: [email protected]


17.  Textis

Since its founding in 1972, Textis has made a name for itself as a leading authority on the production of home linen with the highest level of consideration for natural materials and raw materials.
● Bath Linen
● Bed linen
Factory Address: Boulevard Mexico, Aïn Sebaâ 20590 Casablanca Morocco
TEL : +212 (0) 5 22 35 11 54
FAX : +212 (0) 5 22 35 29 08
Email: [email protected]


18.  Key Textile Company Limited

Being fully integrated from fiber to fashion, they will be Ghana’s first textile agency in Africa. From Ghana, they will collaborate and provide services for the most outstanding global businesses.
Address: Martery Tsuru Road off Spintex Road, No:3 – Spintex, Accra / Ghana
TEL : +233 302 904 088
E-mail: [email protected]

Monastir - Tunisia, Sté. CA-COUDRE


CA-COUDRE (formerly Sté. J.M.C.) is a business that specializes in industrial textiles and clothing. It has been operating in Tunisia since the beginning of 2007. They have obtained considerable experience in Tunisian apparel, industrial and prepared textiles, protective fabrics for vulnerable parts, and adequate capacity to envision the best approach to satisfy customer demands.
Address: Rue de la Liberté Ouardanine 5010 Monastir – Tunisia
EMail: [email protected]
Tel: + 216 73 533 233 / +216 73 533 234
Fax: + 216 73 533 235

Dinapama -cloth-Namibia

20. Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies

Founded in 2009 and launching operations in 2010, Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies is a custom clothing manufacturer based in Namibia.
Address: Erf 744, Simmentaler Street Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek, Namibia
Tel: +264 81 273 2925 / +264 61 260 717
EMAIL: [email protected]


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