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Prym Group launches sustainable and functional fasteners in Munich exhibition

Prym Group launches sustainable and functional fasteners in Munich exhibition

Prym Group, one of the major suppliers of fasteners and accessories to apparel and textile sector, unveiled two new eco-friendly snap fastener options, namely ecoWhite and ecoGreen, at the recently concluded Performance Days Exhibition in Munich on 8 and 9 May.


The snaps, which are a part of Prym’s Low Impact Fastener Ensemble (LIFE) initiative, managed to garner encouraging response at the fair. Made using less material inputs, both the snaps have been designed to offer solutions to a complete eco-package.


  The Group said, in its press release, that these snaps are the first eco-friendly alternatives available to different market segments of the apparel and textile industry including activewear, kidswear and babieswear.


 Prym Fashion’s ecoWhite snaps are made from recycled plastic bottles without any use of crude oil or any associated processing. The Group says one recycled plastic bottle can produce 13 snaps.


The ecoGreen snaps, on the other hand, are made from plant-based renewable resources, such as potato starch and help reducing fossil resources as well as greenhouse emissions.


Prym Group also announced that soon it will be launching ecoBlue plastic snaps made from recycled ocean plastic.


Expressing happiness over the launch of new snaps at the event, Brian Moore, CEO, Prym Fashion, said “Today’s consumers expect brands to make products that are sustainable and these eco-friendly snaps allow our customers to consider every detail and increase the overall sustainability of their products.”


The Prym Consumer Network is a globally successful firm with nearly 3,300 employees and offices throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

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