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Printing Expo Announces the Opening of Zone 2 and new exhibitors in Zone 1

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Printing Expo, 15th March 2021 – Following a surge in interest from both visitors and exhibitors, Printing Expo has announced the opening of Zone 2 of their online exhibition which includes the Xeikon Wall Decoration Showroom and the Trade Association Hub.

They have also announced new exhibitors for Zone 1. With over 21,000 visitors to date from over 150 countries, the innovative virtual show is proving to be of great interest to a diversity of printers and suppliers worldwide.

The feedback received so far states that Printing Expo’s 3D visual browsing experience is successfully bridging the gap between the physical and the virtual for many in the global printing community.

Director, Wayne Beckett says, “We are listening to the feedback. It is very important to us that we continue to improve the user experience. We believe that anything virtual has to be interactive and most of all needs to be fun to visit as well as useful. With new exhibitors coming on board, we are working on populating the surrounding space and have recently added people avatars – also a show audio sound track to give a real life feel to the visitor experience. As we see the number of visitors increasing daily, there is more and more interest from exhibitors. The opening of Zone 2 is a natural progression as Printing Expo becomes more established.”

The Printing Expo team can design and create bespoke 3D virtual stands to any specification – imagination is the only limitation. However, an advantage for exhibitors is the option to use their own stand designs. Right now this is proving very useful as many companies already had their stands prepared for physical exhibitions that they are no longer participating at. Printing Expo’s designers can render any stand design into a bespoke 3D virtual space. Each stand can be a part of the exhibition giving visitors the opportunity to explore and engage. Additionally, the stands can be utilised by the exhibitor as a digital marketing tool and used in different geographies as an online demo centre to drive sales leads.

Danny Mertens, Xeikon’s Corporate Communications Manager states, “We chose to work with Printing Expo because of the quality of their work and their dedication. They understand the specific need for these tools today which respond to the current online orientation of printers searching for information and creative ideas. Our new virtual showroom experience follows a set navigation path through Xeikon’s machine hall where visitors will find all they need to book a demo, access and download product brochures, watch a selection of videos as well as request print samples. Users will have easy access to connect with Xeikon’s product experts and see Xeikon’s digital production portfolio in action. Content will be regularly updated and there will be facilities to download our latest information on the power of dry toner technology, technical specifications and the latest product updates.”

Beckett concludes, “It’s been fantastic working with the Xeikon team, who had a very clear objective from the outset in the creation of their Wall Decoration showroom. The opportunities are limitless. We see companies adapting and revising their strategies to meet the different constraints in our changing world. We are delighted to say that alongside the opening of Zone 2, we have new stands up and ready in Zone 1. Additionally, we are receiving reservations for stands in Zones 3 & 4, so come and join us, and don’t let reality hold you back!”

About Printing Expo
Creators and event organisers Wayne Beckett and Chris Watson partnered with V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions to launch printing-expo. online in the second half of 2019. This immersive and interactive online exhibition is designed on a ‘real world’ scale to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Bringing true reality to each physical aspect, the 3D visual browsing experience works the same way as a live exhibition. The technology is cloud-based and provides a unique showcase for any company’s product and services. The halls and stands are rendered out to real physical dimensions. Stands are built using a combination of 3D rendering, photography and HD video. The online exhibition has its own fully interactive auditorium that has been designed to host live and pre-recorded panel sessions, seminars and conferences.


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