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Portuguese firm PlatformE urges sustainable action in fashion industry

As fashion week approaches, Platform E, the next generation technology company that has enabled collections to be created and shopped digitally, is urging all global fashion houses, and the wider industry to re-think their approach to the seasonal fashion weeks, in the wake of the world environmental crisis and the urgent consumer cry for brands to act sustainably.

“The traditional seasonal production cycle of the fashion industry leads to millions of pounds worth of clothing being produced and then thrown away every year, with huge detrimental impact on the environment,” the company said in a statement. “With an emphasis on on-demand manufacturing, brands and e-commerce platforms alike can embrace a more sustainable way to produce their collections.

“Trusted by global brands Gucci, Dior, Pangaia, Puma, Dior and The North Face, PlatformE believes there are many ways to put a stop to this and re-thinking fashion week is one of them,” the company continued.


Since it was founded in 2015 by Gonçalo Cruz and Ben Demiri, Platform E and its subsidiary companies DIGGITT and Skinvaders have created a 360 digital offering which gives brands the opportunity to completely digitise the fashion value production chain in order to offer brands infinite ways to connect with consumers, press and influencers, as well as only producing stock on demand.

Furthermore, the fashion tech company said that it expects a big shift in the way brands start to fully embrace the made-to-order or pre-order model that is already seen prevalent in many smaller scale brands with an emphasis on sustainability.

“It is clear the brands very quickly need minimise the impact they are making, and moving forward, diversity and digitalisation are key to building resilience, whether it is through annual co-ed shows, digital fashion weeks, trunk shows, game launches, or building strategies around video content, including Youtube and Twitch streams. Brands need to focus on embedding innovations across the industry and businesses and 3D Digital Product Creation technologies are going to be key to disrupting the old fashion week model,” Gonçalo Cruz, PlatformE’s co-founder, said in a press release.

Platform E believe there are three keyways to update the format of fashion weeks: virtual, runways, and on demand manufacturing.

“Fashion designers can virtually present their collection to buyers, clients, and editors simultaneously, allowing the viewer to zoom in on any look, see it and the range of colourways, examine fit, download fabric information, and trace sustainability credentials,” Portugal-based technology firm said.

“Digital technologies play an important role in transforming the buying process both wholesale and retail, with digital showroom models enabling brands to visualise collection to buyers all year round, as opposed to only during fashion week touchpoints,” PlatformE further added. “Gaming innovation can also be tapped into by designers, brands, and showrooms to create more engaging experiences, and connecting with a lucrative multibillion-dollar video game market.”

“Fashion brands have the chance to reset the schedule, which is most likely lead by the younger, more agile generations who have developed a strong online presence to engage with their loyal customers. This will help combat the culture of over-consumption that has been heavily cultivated by the continuous cycle of fashion shows,” Lui Iarocheski, PlatformE’s group marketing director and fashion designer said. “Fashion has always been about innovation and by brands thinking outside of the tradition fashion cycles and moments we believe they will also have the space to create new concepts and ideas, and truly innovate around the experiences they deliver.”

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