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Personal protection in the post-pandemic era; Taiwan shows the way!

Following the devastation that COVID-19 has created across the globe in 2020, “mask-wearing” has become one of the most fundamental yet crucial forms of protection that countries can practice and urge to protect their citizens from the threat of death and disease.

With the joint efforts of Taiwan’s textile industry as well as organizations in both the public and private sectors, the country has become a shining beacon of light internationally for its success in curbing the spread.

Taiwan is committed to sharing its experience and resources as it fulfils its responsibility as a member of the international community, and has worked tirelessly to enhance epidemic prevention measures in conjunction with other nations under threat.


To date, Taiwan has donated over 6 million face masks to countries in the Southbound market, including Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. The Indian community in Taiwan, as well as the Indian Chamber of Commerce, have even paraded through the streets in cars and on motorcycles as a token of appreciation for Taiwan’s contributions to the world and to India as COVID-19 continues to ravage the world.

“Textiles for sanitary use” has become a focus for development for Taiwan’s textile industry in the post-pandemic era. Due to COVID-19, face coverings have now even become a fashion accessory that global luxury brands have begun to design and produce.


Taiwan’s many medical-grade composite fiber suppliers are tasked with providing upper stream manufacturers key materials for producing face masks, including the outer, middle and inner layers of the standard surgical mask. These manufacturers are also contemplating the possibility of incorporating trendy designs into their products.

The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned Taiwan Textile Federation to carry out the Textile Export Promotion Project, which entails calling to arms Taiwan’s outstanding suppliers of epidemic prevention textiles and matching global buyers seeking medical-grade textiles from the Americas, Europe and South Asia with Taiwanese businesses. Going forward, more international buyers looking to purchase all types of textiles will continue to benefit from this project in the bid to create a safer future for all in the post-pandemic era.


The Taiwan textile industry remains one of the most significant sectors of the manufacturing industry. After more than 60 years of development, Taiwan’s textile industry has evolved from a mass production textile supplier to a textile innovator equipped with a comprehensive yet integrated value chain and continues in endeavouring the development of high value-added materials and functional textiles. A growing number of major brands are now turning to Taiwan for textiles that meet the changing demands of today’s consumer.

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The Taiwan textile industry puts this down to the industry’s “consistent quality, timely delivery and excellent communication”. To support the growth in demand, Taiwan’s textile industry is equipped with an integrated value chain and the aim now is to establish itself as “the pivotal sourcing hub for innovative, sustainable and intelligent textiles.”

As one of the leaders in chemical fiber, Taiwan has developed various functional and sustainable textiles to the global market. In order to assist the textile industry to cope with the competition of globalization, Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), as commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, implements the “Textile Export Promotion Project” (TEPP) by selecting premium textile exporters and promoting their exports through the measures under this project. 2020 is the first year of the three-year program, the TTF will pave the way for Taiwan to become the Silicon Valley of the global textile industry.

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