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Namibia: Stylist Pleads to Corporates to Invest in the Fashion Industry

By Paheja Siririka

Local fashion stylist Reinhard Mahalie has pleaded to corporate Namibia to invest more in local fashion, as lack of funds hampers productivity and ideas are not executed in the appropriate ways, making some creatives look mediocre.

Mahalie spoke to Entertainment Now!, enlightening and sharing the importance of fashion stylists and the significant role they play in the Namibia fashion industry.


He has been nominated for the African Male Fashion Stylist of the Year 2020 at the Designers Award Africa in Lagos, Nigeria.

He said: “I want to invest money, time and knowledge to our industry. Everything we do is at a cost, due to funds most of our ideas happen, but don’t get executed to the way we wish and that make some creatives’ work look mediocre or lack quality. Again, this is me pleading to corporates to please invest in Namibian.”
He feels honoured to have been nominated for the awards which proves there is a market in Namibia for such a trade.

“We should take this opportunity and fill that gap! I hope this nomination inspires all industry peers to work hard and that corporates start investing in fashion and art. We lack corporate investment in the fashion sphere,” he highlighted.

Mahalie, in the same breath, acknowledged and appreciated the recognition of international awards and organisations, which means they are watching Namibia.

“We should be good at whatever we do to be recognised at an international level. Keep the standard high for generations to come. I am proud to see anyone representing Namibia on such big platforms,” he opined.

Being a stylist for four years now, Mahalie encouraged those interested to have passion, inventive thinking and drive.

“To expand your knowledge, equip yourself with online training. You can have the education, but are you willing to put in the long hours and keep on reinventing yourself? He pondered and indirectly hinted.He said, there is a need for stylists; however, a stylist is a luxury.

“We come up with a concept and bring the clients vision to life – be it for photoshoots, runway, red carpet events or day-to-day wardrobe consultation.He also mentioned that styling is demanding.

“You need to be on your toes at all times. Do not get demotivated if you do not have the qualifications.”

He cautioned other enthusiasts to be professional with all their clients, stay up-to-date with aesthetics of the latest trends, and network as much as possible.

“Don’t be shy, as you need to do self-promotion – be it at events or social media.”

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