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Interview with Mr Madan Bhatt - General Manager at PT. LUNG VICTORY CARPET

Lung Victory Carpet going to expand export in 2021

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Interview with Mr Madan Bhatt – General Manager at PT. LUNG VICTORY CARPET

By : Kohan Textile Journal

PT. Lung Victory Carpet was established in 1994 and started its journey from scratch with a small hand tuft rug manufacturing unit, within 25 years we are grown as a largest integrated carpet manufacturer in Indonesia equipped with its own fibre to yarn and dyeing facility.


Please let us know more details about Lung Victory Carpet company, history and success story?

We are producing high-quality carpets and has been accepted by customers such as star hotels, apartments, offices, airport, high-rise residence and villas as well as other public facilities that emphasize the feeling of elegance, luxury and of course provide constant comfort.

In 2012, PT. Lung Victory Carpet expanded its wings and added several technologies to support buyer’s need, modern machines like CLM cut-loop machine and Robot tuft high technology from Sweden for manufacturing most advance, best quality and design products.


Which kind of Carpet and flooring do you produce in Lung Victory?

We produce a wide range of products with affordable for the mass market. Luxury carpets, premium and exclusive range for segmented and concentrated market such as Axminster broadloom wall to wall carpet, Wilton carpet, hand-tufted rugs, Robo tufted carpet, knotted carpet, bath mat, doormat, prayer mat, artificial grass, wool carpet yarn and fire retardant fabric.

Lung Carpet is a Creative Design Custom Carpet manufacturer, how you follow carpet and flooring market trends and how to select your carpet designs?
We identify a trend using various forms of technical analysis, including market reports, price action, business intelligence reports and government’s regulations, till 2019 we were manufacturing contract and bespoke, looking forward to future plan we have registered our own trademark and soon we will start designing and manufacturing our own brands.


How many percent of your products use in Indonesia domestic market and how many percent export to international markets? Tell us more about your export destinations.
Till 2019 year-end, we were mainly focused on the domestic market. Since 2020 even in pandemic time company started Axminster carpet and wool carpet yarn export to Australia and we will keep export our product to the global market.

The export market will be our main focus, we are again going to expand our wings in 2021 and we have a huge plan for adding new technologies and new products for domestic and export market so we need a market for that and we expect middle east is a very good market for us to explore our brands.

How do you evaluate Carpet industry in Indonesia?
Carpet demand has gone up in recent years, business volumes are massive. There are many carpet manufacturer in Indonesia however looking back to huge development in hospitality, residential and commercial sector, we look 20% growth in the carpet industry in next 5 years and Lung Victory Carpet will be market leader.


COVID 19 shows us we should rely more on sustainability and green products, how we can improve
Sustainability in Carpet and flooring industry?
Carpets have a significantly lower impact on the environment and climate footprint compared to other plastic-based materials used in other industries. We can improve sustainability in the carpet and flooring industry by use of eco-friendly products, carpet recycling, less use of electricity in carpet cleaning and use of the bio-degradable product.
at the end, we would like to thanks KOHAN TEXTILE JOURNAL for this interview and opportunity…

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