Julie Beauperin - Presidente at Atelier La Demesure
Julie Beauperin - Presidente at Atelier La Demesure

When Digital Printers Meet Carpet Tiles in France!

Interview with Julie Beauperin – Presidente at Atelier La Demesure
By: Mena Carpet News

Please let us know more details about Atelier La Démesure, its history and its success story.

My business partners and I worked few years in the textile floor covering industry and printing process for carpets. Three years ago, we slowly got bored with standard and traditional carpets. I personally found that the tertiary sector (where the carpet tile is hardly recommended) lacks of creativity and originality. The deal was to be technically able to produce 100% bespoke designs and patterns on carpet tiles to offer to the designers and architects limitless possibilities. However, not so easy to print tile per tile (to permit a perfection connexion at the joins) and first of all, guarantee perfect colour fastness.
After some months of development, we found the perfect process to start communicating and selling this new brand: Atelier La Démesure


Which kind of Carpet and flooring do you produce in Atelier La Démesure?

We print on white Polyamide 6 carpet tiles with several standard sizes (50x50cm / 100x100cm / 50x100cm…). Our standard backing is made of recycled PVC and we have the possibility to print on other carpets (Bitumen or fiber backing for example).

Our Brand has been created in December 2019 and is located in the North of France. We have now more than 200 designs in our collection and styles, of course, the possibility to create any bespoke design our customer needs.

Julie Beauperin - Presidente at Atelier La Demesure

How was the pandemic affect your market?

Really GOOD !! As most of the building in France is equipped with carpet tiles, during the pandemic we created a special ‘prevention collection’ on tiles as well (arrows of direction, a reminder of the distance security…) we delivered to many companies like L’Oreal, Danone, HSBC, Crédit Agricole, Klesia… To be honest the design inspiration was less ‘sexy’ than we can propose but It helps companies to adapt the offices just by changing some carpet tiles on the floor.

How do you evaluate 2023 for the carpet and flooring market?

The market is moving. in my opinion, spaces (offices) are smaller but the esthetics is more and more important. We don’t want the same furniture, decoration, and flooring as the neighbor now. Today, Personalisation is more and more requested, and that’s the area where digital printing has incredible solutions with millions of designs and colors.

Any minimum quantity for production, the reactivity for samples (we launch every bespoke development in 2 days), reactivity for production (Digital printers for carpet and flooring are very flexible with high capability), no limit for creativity, limited waste in production and … are some of the other benefits of flooring digital printing machinery.

Photo Courtesy: Atelier La Démesure
Photo Courtesy: Atelier La Démesure

Creative Design is a vital item in the Carpet sector, how do you follow carpet and flooring market trends to create the best carpet designs for your customers?

Of course, we create new collections every 2 months, and 65% of our projects are designed by our creative and experienced design team with bespoke patterns for our customers.

At the moment 95% of our sales are for the local market in France but we start being present in some countries like England, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal. We also evaluate the Middle East and Africa Market which is really rich in creativity on floor covering. A future objective of course.


What is Atelier La Démesure’s policy and plans for improving sustainability in final products?

It is really important ! The backing of our carpet tiles is recycled and we work with recycled yarns as well. most of our deals for 2023 is to print on recycled carpet and carpet tiles.

Photo Courtesy: Atelier La Démesure
Photo Courtesy: Atelier La Démesure


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