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Luxury Rugs; It Is Just What We Are Able to Make

Interview with Andrea Galimberti – Managing director Nodus | Producer of exclusive and iconic carpets

By: Kohan Textile Journal

Nodus Carpet provide you with the best luxury and contemporary rugs in the world 


About Nodus Carpet, history and success story:

With our collection, we have blur the boundaries between design and art in the rug field. We decide to make quality without compromises and to make real research even before thinking the commercial aspect of it.

Nodus is pure passion for beauty, design, art and innovation It is a cultural project where we work in deep relation with the people that weave our textile projects


What is your range of products and Nodus new Projects?
The range of our product is quite wide, from limited edition expensive pieces to more affordable products whole always with great design.
The last project that we haven’t jet showed, it is with designer Gustavo Martini, young talent Brazilian design.

Why Nodus Carpet select luxury and contemporary rugs market? What are your advantages in this market?
We didn’t choose the luxury rugs market, it is just what we are able to make. We love art, design and quality, and we are not able to sell cheap products just to make money.

We made radical innovation in hand made rugs, and we disrupted the old market and the way to work in this field.


How do you evaluate the carpet industry in Europe especially the luxury carpet market?
Carpet industry as said the word is an industry and it is mostly machine-made production.
The real luxury is hand made, it is craftsmanship, and in Europe, it is not possible, It is not part of our culture to make hand made rugs.

We can make hand-tufted in some case or handloom in rare case but not hand-knotted, Real luxury rugs, in my opinion, are hand-knotted, and they are possible just in some areas of the world but not in Europe.

What do you think about the Persian carpet and its quality and design? Do you have any oriental collection in Nodus?
We haven’t any oriental collection, but we never know, about rugs with Nodus everything is possible, maybe in future will arrive. The Persian rug is definitely the top in the world. They are the masters of this art, and they have the best skills in the world, no doubts about it.

I should also say despite this fact the Persian carpet producers are not so successful, because they don’t want to innovate, they don’t want to listen, and they don’t want to learn new ways.

In 2010 we won EDIDA international ward with a rug called Perish Persian, a rug design by Studio Job, that repents the Death of Persian culture, exactly for this reason.

How do you evaluate the luxury carpet market in the Middle East? Do you have any export to this region?
The Middle East is one of our main market, where people have a lot of culture about design and quality, and not just about traditional but also new design and piece of art. We work with many companies and architects

How was covid 19 pandemic effect on carpet business and how you predict post corona market reaction?
The market during the pandemic period is shifted more online but after the first period of slow down, it has immediately come back. We must find a new working equilibrium and go ahead. I’m not good in prediction but I can say at the centre always “first human”, the people, and for sure we will have a new way of communication that will increase in a digital way.


We believe in green and circular economy. 
We have a completely organic collection made just with not dyed wool and from the selection of the colours of the sheep pile. Slow living, fewer things of better quality, it will help to save the planet and not the bulk production and the mass consuming.


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