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lunaFam ; A Pioneer in Textile and Fiber Masterbatchs

LunaFam Company started its work in 2000, producing black and white masterbatches, and from the very beginning, its goal has been producing high-quality masterbatches.

This led the company to cooperate with the best European manufacturers and suppliers, which has remained until today.

Soon after, LunaFam faced a huge market demand for high-quality colour masterbatches that could be used in different industries such as textile, and food and beverage packaging. This was the beginning of producing colour masterbatches in LunaFam.

Today, LunaFam produces a wide range of masterbatches and compounds for different applications and industries.

What we do

Here at LunaFam, we offer our customers to choose from our existing colours and routine high demand colours for different applications. Alternatively, our customers can order their very own tailor-made colours.

Our Products:

MONOFam: LunaFam MONO masterbatches
LunaFibr: Colour Masterbatches for Filaments
LunaFine: Colour Masterbatches for Microfilaments
LunaForm: Colour Masterbatches for PET preforms
LunaCap: Colour Masterbatches for bottle caps
LunaTiv: Additive for different applications
Colour for PVC

Our Products Advantages:

Low Dosage Rate
Economically Excellent
Unlimited Colour Matching
Fast Colour Matching Procedure
Colour Shade stability
Fast Delivery Worldwide

How we do it?

It all starts with receiving the sample from the customer. The samples can vary from an injected part to a piece of carpet. Our lab experts will then analyse the sample and the customer’s requirements and will start colour matching process. The customer will receive a sample of the matched colour for testing and approval.

We also recommend our customers to choose from our different catalogues based on different applications (PP/PE Sheets, films, PET bottles, and shade cards)

Quality Assurance

At LunaFam, we guarantee the stability of the colours and performance of products on our customer’s production system. Our technical team is always ready to resolve any possible issues that might happen during production.


Black Fiber

• PP Fiber
(Spun bond &melt blown, BCF, CF, Staple Fiber)
• PET Fiber
(BCF, Staple fiber, FDY /POY/DTY/ LOY yarn and microfilament)
Black Sheet/ Film/ Tape
• For very thin films
• (PP/ PE/PVC/PA/PET ) Films
Black Moulding
• Special grade for organoleptic issue property
• Special grade for food contact applications
• Special grade for color matching and tailormade colors

1 – Fiber
• Recommended for fiber applications
• Different special types for PP, PA, PET Fibers
• Excellent filterability and processing behavior for filament production
• Excellent jetness and very high loading level of black pigment
• Excellent consistency and fastness properties of black coloration

2 – Controlled Black masterbatch strongly recommended for film application
and injection moulding and pipe application
• Suitable for food packaging applications
• Excellent processability pigment dispersion and filterability
• Suitable for sheets and tapes
• Appropriate fastness properties and excellent UV blockage


No.11 – Moayeri Dd. End – Sasani pour St.
Mirdamad Blvd. – Tehran, IRAN
Tel : +98 21 26402788
Fax:+98 21 26402789
Sales Enquiries: sales.dept@lunafam.com

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