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Turkish Textile Manufacturers

Iran: New Favorite of Turkish Textile Manufacturers

Turkish Textile Manufacturers :: Iran has entered the process of re-integration to the global market, while it is a candidate to be one of the favorite markets of Turkish textile and apparel manufacturers. Iran can open new doors to Turkish manufacturers, who have been facing contractions in other markets, via a cumulative investment and production potential.

Following the removal of international sanctions, Iran started to attract attention of all global manufacturers, while the country welcomed Turkish textile makers in October. Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITHIB) arranged a trip to Iran with around 50 businessmen for trading corporation. This trip was also important for Turkish textile and apparel manufacturers as they have been facing export losses in their traditional markets.

Turkish textile manufacturers and Iranian buyers met in the meeting held at Espinas Hotel, Tehran, the capital city of Iran. ITHIB President İsmail Gülle expressed his hopes that the removal of sanctions towards Iran will boost the corporation between the two countries. Gülle stated, “The two countries were historically together which makes increased trade so natural. However, this was prevented for years due to sanctions on Iran. I believe the upcoming process will be healthy after sanctions are removed. We need regulations that will help the banking system between Turkey and Iran to improve to operate in a much better way. Iran will have crucial duties for this.”


Turkish textile and apparel industry developed seriously in the last 20 years. Turkey strengthened people profile although it lacked energy sources. Gülle noted, “Our energy was our industrialists and exports. We created a large industry in Turkey. Increased trade between Turkey and Iran is vital for us. Iran ranks as our fifth largest market and if we manage to strength our substructure, then we can raise our USD6.5-7 billion in Iranian market. Currently, we have a textile export of approximately USD300 million in 9 months to Iran. This will reach to USD400 billion by year end. We were so pleased to see very eager and excited Iranian businessmen portfolio during this event.”

Iran Textile Manufacturers and Exporters Association President Mehdi Yekte highlighted that Turkish textile industry should maintain quality with no unqualified items to be exporter to Iran in order to boost its exports to that market. Iran is expecting to achieve growth particularly in energy, chemicals, food, automotive and textile with its USD400 billion economy. It is important to re-structure the banking system in terms of this growth.

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