The First Specialized Suits & Uniform Manufacturer in Qatar

Interview with Mr. Mohsen Abou Yousef – General Manager in RK GARMENT

1. Please let us know more details about RK Garment factory, history and success story.

RK Garment is the first company specialized in suits & uniform manufacturing for Readymade & MTO and MTM in Qatar.
We are dedicated to designing, sourcing, coordinating product and branding a variety of uniform solutions like Men’s and Women’s Suits, Schools, offices, security, hospitality, healthcare, workwear, safety uniforms, casuals, t-shirts, jeans, and everything that is related to uniforms directly and indirectly. We understand the importance of successfully communicating and managing the brand’s image.

Factory in Qatar Factory equipped with the latest technology. We also have our own in-house design studio, which allows us to develop unique products and ensure consistency in terms of quality and fit.

Men’s and Women’s Suits, School Uniform s, Industrial Uniforms, Hospital Uniforms, Sports Uniform, Work Wear, Hospitality, Caps, T-Shirts, health- care, Official Uniforms, Coverall Uniforms, Security Uniform, Theme Dresses, Screen Printing, Embroidered Uniform, etc.

Uniforms Solutions
We do not just simply supply a product- we offer our clients a Totally Serviced Approach to all our esteemed customers in Qatar or from GCC Countries’. We provide the timely support required to ensure that a smooth transition is made from inquiry to delivery.

We work with our clients as corporate entities to understand their objectives and approach first before presenting concepts and ideas. Proper and professional advice is given to the customer on uniform-related issues, such as the image of uniforms, quality, durability, easiness, and the color combination.


2. Tell us about your experience in the textile sector and short Biography.

2017: Ph.D. Business Administration. UK
“The Impact of the Organizational Structure, Modern Concepts of Human Resources Management Elements in the Development of Garment and Fashion” factories
2012: Master “Textile Engineering” Egypt
“Establishing database for denim fabrics (jeans) production for predicting their Attitude in mechanical and chemical finishing processes”
1993: B.S “Textile Engineering” Egypt
Training Courses:
2016: “Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) Internal Auditor” Qatar 2005: “Export Principal Constituents “Course, Ministry of Foreign Trade & Industry, Foreign Trade Training Center. Egypt
2001: “Engineering Management” Courses, Kennedy Western University U.S.A
1995: “cost Accounting Management” Course, Egyptian European Association for Economic and Development

Guinness World Records: Project Manager for the largest flag in the world (Qatar 2013) Awarding of Certificate (ISO 9001:2008) May 2015

Skills:Feasibility Study for Garment and Fashion Company Modification Adverse Company to Preferable Condition
Planning /Organization /marketing /Decision-making/problem-solving/Ex- cellent Communication
Human Relations Skills Computer Skills

Professional Experience: 28 years
Managing textile, garment and fashion companies in Egypt, USA, UAE and Qatar


3. Let us know about your latest products and your markets. Do you have any export or only support the Qatar market?
Due to the problems faced by the Qatari market from the lack of specialists in the field of clothing, suits, and uniforms, where the Qatari market is managed through small workshops that do not meet the quality, price, and shipping dates.

Hence the challenge came through our company to develop a new map of the Qatari market by supporting the consumer, starting from design, production, international specifications, quality, and on-time shipping dates, and the biggest challenge is our new local brand to produce the suit, jacket, and Garment under the slogan (Made in Qatar), The Qatari market is the beginning and through it, our expansion to the Gulf and international markets will continue

4. How do you evaluate the garment and textile industry in Qatar?

The Qatari market is a promising market and depends on most of its products of clothing and textiles from foreign markets. To achieve self-sufficiency in this field, it will give a great opportunity for investors to invest in the same field.
We are the only factory in Qatar specialized in the field of ready-made garments, and also to this day there is no textile factory or carpet factory.

5. As a textile manufacturer in Qatar, how do you evaluate the textile and fashion industry in the Middle East and Africa and it’s potential for the Future?

Through my experiences and studies in this field, I see that the market in the Middle East and Africa needs some development and challenges and that the vision should be quality and price together, not just price, and this is the role of brands and international companies to invest in this logical.

6. You are an expert in the nonwoven sector as well, what do you think about the nonwoven sector in Qatar and its future?

The field of non-woven fabrics is currently not available in the Qatari market and I have actually done a feasibility study for this field and this field is the future, but I am waiting for the right investor. for sure there is a great opportunity for investing in Qatar nonwoven sector for international companies and investors



  1. Dear client,

    Greetings from here. I received your company’s mailing contact while sourcing for reliable suppliers and I am writing to bring to your notice that I seek for manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers who would be interested in supplying their products to us at competitive prices.

    I represent an Import and Export company interested in doing business with you.

    Be kind to send me the below information.
    – Current Catalog / Product List.
    – Company profile if any.
    – Your price list in FOB.

    Kindly include any information that will help me learn more about your products. In your reply let us know if you have a sales outlet in West Africa (Ghana precisely) or any agent so as to deal directly with them, if none, we will transact with you directly and conclude the order.

    We are sincerely looking forward to working with you.

    Best Regards,

    (FaNKRA Company Ltd)
    Ferdinand Ankra
    WATSAP:+233 244872940
    EMAIL:[email protected]

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