Indonesia's Textile Industry Receives Environmental Mandate

Indonesia’s Textile Industry Receives Environmental Mandate from Ministry of Industry

The Industry Ministry has issued a compelling directive to the textile industry, emphasizing the imperative need for the installation of air quality monitoring devices to exercise vigilant control over harmful gas emissions, with a particular focus on sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions, during the production of semi-synthetic viscose or rayon fabric from wood pulp.

In accordance with Circular Letter No. 2 of 2023 issued by the Minister of Industry, the Ministry underscores the paramount importance of curbing hazardous gas emissions. This significant initiative requires companies operating within the textile sector to incorporate Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) into their operations for the diligent surveillance of exhaust emissions.

Eko S. A. Cahyanto, the Director General of Resilience, Regional, and International Industrial Access (KPAII) within the Ministry, made a statement on this matter, emphasizing, “Companies in this sector are mandated to install Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to monitor their exhaust emissions.” His statement, released on a Wednesday, elucidates the Ministry’s proactive stance on environmental stewardship and industrial responsibility.

Cahyanto further elaborated on the Ministry’s engagement by detailing the visits they conducted to PT Indo Bharat Rayon and PT South Pacific Viscose, two notable companies that have already embraced CEMS technology and integrated pollution control equipment like Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) into their production facilities.

He underscored, “The results of field inspections demonstrate that these two companies have effectively met environmental quality standards based on emission tests conducted using the Adaptive Monitoring System (AiMS), which has been seamlessly integrated at PT Indo Bharat Rayon.”

In a related development, the Ministry has embarked on drafting a comprehensive Minister of Industry Regulation pertaining to Green Industry Standards applicable to the rayon industry. This forthcoming regulation is envisioned to encompass all rayon industries operating within Indonesia, with the overarching goal of ensuring their compliance with pertinent environmental standards.

Cahyanto asserted, “This strategic initiative is anticipated to significantly mitigate the adverse environmental impact associated with the rayon industry while concurrently bolstering nature conservation efforts.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that the proactive management of exhaust gas emissions within the viscose rayon industry aligns with the government’s commitment to environmental preservation.

In closing, Cahyanto reiterated the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to continuous vigilance and enforcement of regulations to uphold a conducive business climate while bolstering the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector within Indonesia. This multi-faceted approach underscores the government’s dedication to both industry advancement and environmental responsibility.

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