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Cotton exports to china increased significantly

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Chinese ports’ cotton stocks are primarily from India, which ends the battle between India and China.

As input from cotton traders and international businessmen in Qingdao, Zhangjiagang, Shanghai and elsewhere indicates signs of recovery from Mid-December on bonded cotton and customs clearance (imported cotton).

The cotton imported gained interest and favor, leading to constantly productive transactions in textile factories and middlemen.

This turnaround was mainly attributed to the growing price gap between domestic and international cotton as well as the early overdrafts by some buyers of 2021 import quotas for cotton. The selling of high-quality Indian-cotton, according to a cotton firm based in Jiangsu, has increased steadily since the 20th of October and has compressed the loss of Brasilian cotton second only to the loss of US cotton in China in October and November.

The price gap between Indian and Brazilian cotton has meanwhile expanded over the last two months to between 800 and 1000 RMB/ton and the price of Indian cotton has become highly attractive. The short travel gap and the rise in freight prices have encouraged this upward trajectory because the effect of the outbreak on ships is largely controllable. Therefore, Indian cotton shipping and distribution is commonly relative to American cotton and Brazilian cotton.

The amount of bonding cotton, which is mainly contributed by US cotton, Brazilian cotton, Australia’s cotton, Indian cotton, African cotton, central Asian cotton and EU-cotton, is estimated at 410-440 million tons in China’s major ports by the end of December’20.

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