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Cefla Finishing Business Unit launches the new website dedicated to ceramic decoration

www.ceflafinishing-ceramic.com is the new Cefla Group website dedicated to ceramic surfaces decoration. An evocative virtual space conceived to describe the new ceramic borders in the design field and the cutting-edge solutions by Cefla Finishing Business Unit.
Cefla Finishing has been working for 60 years in the industrial finishing surfaces sector – with seats all over the world.

With more than 300 types of machinery, Cefla Finishing designs and produces coating machines. Furthermore, it is specialized in digital printing for surfaces such as ceramic, wood, plastic, metal, glass and inert materials. Innovation is at the core of Cefla Finishing’s solutions in every specific field.
In 2016, Cefla Finishing took over a company specialized in the design and production of industrial multi- pass and single-pass digital printers. They merged the well-established experience in the ceramic field with Cefla Finishing’s technology.
The new Cefla Finishing website highlights Cefla Finishing’s accomplishments in ceramics innovation.
These cutting-edge solutions aim to meet the needs of a more and more demanding market. Ceramic decorators are accountable for processing sustainability.

Furthermore, decorators must adapt to this new market, offer a vast selection of colors, luxury finishes, tailored products and just-in-time deliveries.
With new technologies, ceramics applications for interior design break every pattern, expand creative possibilities and bring to life suggestive environments. For this reason, the user’s UX on this new website has been conceived as a whole new sensory experience in this kind of setting.

A virtual reality that displays sparkling colors, unusual decorations, dreamy atmospheres where you can lose yourself for a moment. A space that reflects ceramics potential, finally free from tile limits. Vertical surfaces with new dimensions -from large slabs to mosaics – are permeated with ceramics.
The innovative aesthetic of the homepage shows the endless number of decorative options. But visiting the section dedicated to processes and technologies makes you realize the revolutionary use of ceramics in design.
Cefla Finishing has designed multiple cutting-edge processes, thinking over the traditional methods for ceramic decorations. Our technological asset – the result of decades of experience in the surfaces’ finishes field – has been exploited.

Together with our partners who produce inks and coatings, Cefla Finishing has developed original processes and solutions. Consolidated methods have been thought over and improved – new methodologies enhance quality, efficiency and sustainability.
It is asserted by those companies that decide to invest in innovation with Cefla Finishing’s solutions. This is Uptiles case, a business specialized in ceramic decoration with its headquarter in Spezzano (MO – Italy). Thanks to Cefla Finishing digital printing, Uptiles managed to triple productivity and meet the customers’ need for customization.

Uptiles Production Director, based on the case study:
“The major benefits of Cefla’s productive offer are an increased productivity – that doubled and tripled, compared to past results – and added color bars in the machine. This helped us to reach a color gamut, and a greater color space that is close to low temperature digital printing”.
Cefla Finishing suggests three cutting-edge processes for ceramic decoration: Low Temperature, High Temperature and Solid Color.
Low temperature digital printing is extremely versatile and allows us to meet every customization request, without minimum production quantities. Furthermore, this technique opens the doors to a range of colors that goes far beyond traditional ceramic inks. Thanks to the low temperature drying process, it is possible not to alter colors and cut production costs. Superficial finishes ensure customization from high gloss to deep matt.
High temperature digital printing goes beyond new horizons. With Cefla Finishing, customization invades the borders of the “third firing” traditional method. An optimized and extremely productive technique characterized by high definition images and the expressive vitrifiable colors’ power.

Gloss superficial finish enhances precious pigments’ brightness such as gold, platinum and luster.
Solid-color has been completely thought over so that it can remove every imperfection, boost up the range of colors and improve productivity. The color can show itself in all its power and turn each room into an experience to live.

Cefla Finishing Business Unit launches the new website dedicated to ceramic decoration
With the solid-color process, it is possible to faithfully reproduce any RAL or Pantone nuance. The finished product has that precise color you asked for because the ink is not altered by firing.
Cefla Finishing technologies for the ceramic industry have been designed to create customizable solutions for every single customer. Web pages make the user discover the features and applications of Cefla Finishing technologies: Roller Coating, Spray Coating, Digital Printing and Drying Systems.

They all have quality, efficiency, sustainability and -last, but not least – flexibility in common. They can evolve and respond to the changeable nature of market demands. Technology is a resource when it gives you the chance to expand your opportunities without constraints – this is the only way to make it a truly valuable asset.

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