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World’s First Vegan Garment Manufactured

Two Mexican entrepreneurs managed to obtain leather from cactus as an alternative to animal skin.

While the world is thinking about sustainable products and its future, cactus, an innovation in the leader has brought a new dimension to its sustainability activity.

Two Mexican entrepreneurs Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez managed to invent the world’s first vegan garment from a nopal cactus after two years of research and development.


Has a Flexible Structure

Cactus has a rugged, tough, thick and pointed structure. When it is fully processed, it attracts attention with its soft, durable, flexible and high quality leather feel. Since it has a flexible structure, any shape can be applied to it. In addition, this leather obtained from cactus is extremely sustainable with a lower carbon footprint compared to other leather alternatives. This leather clothing material from cactus can be used in application areas in clothes making, accessories, furniture and even car interiors.

Entrepreneur Adrián López Velarde said in a statement: “It is the right time to offer this alternative. It is not only consumer industries that are interested in such new materials, but also consumers are increasingly demanding these environmentally friendly materials. After the mature leaves are cut out, they are dried for three days under the sun until they contain the required amount of water for successful vegetation. Vegan leather is more environmentally friendly than leather goods made of species for various reasons, even if it is less plastic-based. While hazardous chemicals are required to give a darker appearance to animal skin, this process is not necessary for vegan skin.”

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“A Potential Game Changer”

By emphasizing on the cost, Velarde said, “The price of cactus leather is slightly lower than that of animal skin. Experts inform on them as they are under development stage, but if they channel to large-scale production facilities, its market price will be more affordable, thereby creating fashion at the cheapest cost in a sustainable manner. Well-known Street Retailer H&M and Hugo Boss introduced vegan jackets and sneakers manufactured from pineapple.

Desserto attracted everyone’s attention at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle 2019 in Milan, Italy. Vogue Australia reported that Desserto had the most success amongst all of the participating companies during the event by managing winning Germany’s International Green Product Award. Industry experts hope it can be a potential game-changer for the leather industry.”

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