Uzbekistan's Textile Exports Soar to $2.33 Billion

Uzbekistan’s Textile Exports Soar to $2.33 Billion, Reaching 58 Countries

The Statistics Agency of Uzbekistan has reported a significant milestone in the nation’s textile industry, revealing that textile exports from Uzbekistan reached an impressive US$2.33 billion in the period of January-September 2023.

This substantial export value accounted for 13.2% of the total exports during the same period, showcasing the pivotal role of the textile sector in contributing to Uzbekistan’s economic landscape.

Breaking down the composition of textile exports, the Statistics Agency highlighted that finished textile products held the lion’s share at 41.4%, closely followed by yarn at 40.4%. This diversification indicates the robustness of Uzbekistan’s textile production across various categories.

The global reach of Uzbekistan’s textile prowess is evident, with the country successfully exporting 582 different types of textile products to an extensive list of 58 countries since the beginning of the year. This underscores Uzbekistan’s growing presence in the international textile market, with its products finding favor among consumers in diverse regions.

The Statistics Agency’s statement signifies not only the economic significance of the textile industry in Uzbekistan but also the nation’s ability to meet the demands of a broad global market. As the year progresses, Uzbekistan’s textile exports continue to make waves, contributing significantly to the country’s overall economic success.

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