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Turkey's Underwear Exports-kohan-journal

Turkey’s Underwear Exports Increase by 2 Percent

Moonlight Underwear Chairman Mohammad Çungur has made evaluations on Turkey‘s underwear exports.

Muhammet Çungur, Chairman of the Board of Moonlight Underwear, a domestic underwear company, has made a statement in accordance with the figures disclosed by TÜİK, ‘’Turkey’s knitted underwear exports, compared to the same period of the first quarter of 2019 it has increased by 1.5% to 4.3 billion TL. Germany was the country with the highest export of underwear.

Exports to Germany in the first quarter of 2020 increased by 11.3% compared to the first quarter of last year, by exceeding 1 billion TL.

Consequently, share of Germany in total exports of Turkey in underwear reaching around 24%. Russia and Ukraine also drew attention with their increasing export volumes in the same period. The current situation signals a move to the north in the underwear sector.’’


“Russia’s Share Increased by 15 Percent”

Moonlight Underwear Chairman Çungur noted that underwear exports to Ukraine reached 34 million TL in the first quarter of the year, by 24.7% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. In addition, Çungur stated that the exports to Russia were reaching nearly 65 million TL with an increase of 15.2 percent; so in his outcome, Russia’s share in Turkey’s total exports in underwear showed an increase of 15 percent.

Turkey's Underwear Exports-kohan-journal

“There is a Stable Growth Tendency”

Çungur, Chairman of the Board of Moonlight Underwear while evaluating the increasing trend in Russia and Ukraine, ‘’ The underwear industry in Turkey is increasing its potential both in terms of labor and export volume. This is substantiated by the total exports of the sector, which was recorded as 15.4 billion in 2019 and reached 4.3 billion TL in the first quarter of 2020 despite the negative effects of the virus.

In the same period, export shares of Russia and Ukraine, who have been in positive growth trend, give us positive anticipation on the position of our local market within a world context. Our expectation as Moonlight, maintain of this increasing trend in the new period that leads us to the northern countries.’’

Turkey's Underwear Exports-kohan-journal

“Our Goal Is To Increase Our Exports Progressively”

Stating that the underwear industry has made a significant contribution to the country’s economy in the difficult epidemic process and the end result with figures has successfully satisfied sustainability preparations, Muhammet Çungur said, “The underwear sector was one of the few sectors that did not interrupt exports and recorded growth despite the economic fluctuations that left alone many sectors in the pandemic process.

However, the important thing is to maintain this positivity in the new normalization period and in the subsequent processes, where economic uncertainties do not disappear completely. As Ayışığı Tekstil, we have started our R&D and production planning studies for the pandemic period and completed our preparations, on the basis of our view directed at Moonlight Underwear brand. Our target is to continue increasing our exports to countries such as European nations and to Russia and Ukraine. ”

Turkey's Underwear Exports-kohan-journal

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