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Turkey’s industrial exports recover steadily since April

Turkey’s industrial exports have recovered steadily since April, when the restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic peaked, according to data from the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM).

The total volume of Turkish industrial products exported worth $11.49 billion in July, the highest monthly figure so far this year, marking an increase of 84 percent in three months.

Industrial export figures were at $11.11 billion in January, $11.13 billion in February, $10.16 billion in March and $6.23 billion in April.


As the global supply chains recovered and coronavirus restrictions were eased, Turkey’s industrial exports started increasing toward pre-pandemic levels.

Turkey exported industrial goods worth $7.10 billion in May and $10.22 billion in June.

Automotive sector-led industrial exports with $2.20 billion in July. It was followed by garment and apparel sector with $1.81 billion, chemical products with $1.58 billion, steel industry with $1.04 billion, electronic goods with $987 million, iron and metal sector with $755 million, machinery with $668 million, textile and raw materials with $656 million, air conditioning with $416 million, cement and glass products with $351 million, jewellery with $346 million, carpets with $249 million, ships and yachts with $141 million, defence and aerospace with $139 million and leather goods with $128 million.

Turkey’s top export markets were Germany and the United States in July. They were followed by the United Kingdom, Israel, France, Norway, Iraq and Italy.

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