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Top Three Textile Companies in Tajikistan

The textile industry in Tajikistan is founded on centuries-old customs that date back to the Great Silk Road. The complete value chain, which includes the extraction of raw materials, spinning, weaving, and the production of finished goods, was coordinated by the middle of the 20th century.

Over the course of the twentieth century, Tajikistan’s monoculture of cotton paved the way for a thriving industry. After a short time, Tajikistan evolved from being a mere raw material producer to supplying world-class textiles and apparel to nations all over the Soviet Union.

Currently, the Textile industry is considered a priority sector by the Government, which aims to increase its export potential through modernization and incentives for the establishment of new businesses.

In order to meet the needs of the fast fashion industry, businesses must improve their capacity to serve the market quickly. Tajikistan is strategically situated between three of the markets with the quickest rate of growth (Russia, China, and India), thus if the essential logistical services are created, Tajikistan may try to participate in this market.

Nevertheless, a number of restrictions continue to impede the value chain. The following issues must be resolved for the textile and apparel sector to realize its full potential as a catalyst for long-term economic development in Tajikistan since they restrict value addition, productivity, and profitability.

– Limited managerial capabilities limit business growth
– The ability to invest in value creation is constrained by limited access to funding
– Productivity is decreased by a lack of skilled professionals and engineers.
– Inadequate equipment slows value addition and reduces productivity
– Outdated equipment reduces productivity
– Limited competitiveness due to inadequate Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) capabilities

Following a brief introduction to the textile industry in Tajikistan, we will learn about the top three textile companies there.


LAAL Textiles


Address: Tajikistan/Dushanbe, Rudaki avenue 22 (office)


Email: laal.textiles@gmail.com

website: https://laaltextiles.com/

An initiative by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) aims to boost the productivity and competitiveness of Tajik businesses engaged in carpet weaving, embroidery, and textile production. The project’s framework led to the creation of the export brand “La’al Textiles” offering products, such as bags, tablecloths, napkins, and pillowcases.

A new, exclusive collection of hand-made and machine-made carpets with a fresh Tajik design were also displayed in keeping with current interior design trends.
The name “LA’AL Textiles” comes from the precious stone “la’al,” which has been praised for centuries by poets and travelers of the East for its exceptional color and magical properties. The brand is inspired by the natural beauty of Tajikistan.

La’al’s fame extended throughout the world and came to represent excellence, style, wealth, and success. The company also draws inspiration from Tajikistan’s illustrious textile heritage, whose ornamental patterns have long decorated the palaces and temples of regents and lords. The “LA’AL Textiles” brand embodies the blending of modern design with Tajik folk art.


Carrera Jeans

Address : (Head Office) Via Santa Irene 1 – 37042 Caldiero, Verona, Italy

Tel. +39 045 6139111

web site: https://www.carrerajeans.com/en/

Three brothers established Carrera Jeans in Verona in 1965. Carrera Jeans is a pioneer in the production of Italian denim. The company decided to have its jeans made in Tajikistan, where Italian design is combined with the skillful hands of Tajik dressmakers.

Tajik cotton is among the strongest and is ideal for making jeans. Besides, the integrity of the fiber and greater sensitivity to the environment is guaranteed by hand harvesting.

The heart and soul of Carrera Jeans is research and development. As the company aims to produce environmentally friendly clothes, it has chosen plants that will have the least environmental impact. VeganOK is a label that describes vegan goods.

A vegan product is one that doesn’t contain any components of animal origin. Carrera is certified as being environmentally conscious and sensitive by VeganOK, as well as offering a wide variety of products that respect and protect the environment.


Industrial Manufacture Nassojii Tajik

Addresse: S.Sherozi str. 6, Dushanbe, 734042, Republic of Tajikistan

Tel: (992 37) 222-26-00

E-mail: tx@textil.tj


One of the biggest textile businesses in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, is LLC “Industrial Manufacture Nassojii Tajik.” Construction on the spinning-and-weaving factory started in 1939. Over time, the company’s manufacturing capacity expanded, allowing it to manufacture cotton yarn and customize ready-made clothing through the complete cotton fiber processing cycle. Cotton yarn, finished textiles, apparel, and bandages are among the products produced by the LLC “IM Nassojii Tajik,” which are exported to more than 20 nations.



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