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MTEXNS ; Where Engineering breeds creativity …

Interview with Mr Elói Ferreira MTEXNS CEO

Mr Elói Ferreira MTEXNS CEO

Please share with us more details about MTEX NS company, history and success story.
MTEX NS began (2011) developing and manufacturing equipment for the advertising sector, primarily focusing on digital textiles. Later in 2014, the company developed a range of equipment for printing and pre, and post-finishing for the digital textile market, always using direct printing technologies.

We have since expanded, grown and developed to address a wide variety of markets and applications, including textiles, packaging, labelling, apparel, footwear and many more.
Working with experienced researchers and institutes to develop world-class innovations, the company has formed a partnership with INESC TEC, one of the world’s most respected scientific and technological research and development laboratories.

Nowadays, MTEX NS manufactures digital print equipment to the highest of European standards. Products and components are 100% CE certified, and all our manufacturing processes are housed together, giving us total control processes. We are honored and privileged to have world-renowned companies such as SPG Prints, ROQ, NEXTIL, Konica Minolta, HMY and Durero Studios as our OEMs.

let us know more details about “latest digital printing machinery and technologies by MTEX NS” in textile and garment sector.

The last textile equipment we developed on the textile segment was MTEX DRAGON, MTEX EAGLE and MTEX FALCON. DRAGON is a high-speed sublimation transfer paper printer developed for fashion, sportswear, and swimwear. EAGLE is a direct sublimation printer, the cutting-edge technology designed for the next era of VISCOM. And last but not least: FALCON, an awarded wide-format textile printer that is the most competitive water-based organic pigment printer the market will ever find.

As a manufacturer of digital printing machineries, what do you think about digital printing potentials in the Middle East and Africa Region? Do you have any export to this region?

There is potential, but it`s always necessary heritage of textile as there is the need of finishing processes that only markets with heritage knowledge have.
Still, we have sold machines to this market, especially for the digital textile printing signage market (flags, banners, backlights, etc.).

As a Portuguese company, how do you evaluate the textile industry in Portugal? How much is digital printing popular in Portugal?

It is trendy. Almost all textile companies are already equipped with digital printing. Portugal is one of those countries with the textile know-how of many years (in the ’80s and ’90s, Portugal was one of the most important textile producers in Europe).

Textile Pigment printing is more green, as there is no need to use water and complex finishes like in Reactive printing.


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